Are you a "Bad Diabetic?"


I remember those days. Trying to compare the color on the strips to the chart that came with them to “guess” at your sugar level. I was finally busted for faking my readings when I took the exact same numbers into my doctor from 2 visits prior and they compared my charts.


Ha! Glad they were at least paying attention!!


Ah, those were the days (before A1C’s)

“Here doc, yup, mostly Trace or Plus 1’s” :stuck_out_tongue:


lol. I remember those.


Used to have barbecue potatoes chips with a diet pepsi, However< i am reformed now/


I truly believe that over the last decade the medical community has determined that diabetics are inherently Non Compliant.
Like teenagers afflicted with such severe hormone posoining we’ve lost ability to comprehend the consequences of our “failure” to manage glucose. Diabetic <-> Non Compliant