Are you a Diabetes Champion?

Together, the Canadian Diabetes Association, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and founding sponsor Novo Nordisk Canada are marking World Diabetes Day by honouring and celebrating Diabetes Champions.

Diabetes Champions are people living with diabetes; their friends and family; diabetes researchers; healthcare practitioners; volunteers; diabetes educators; advocates; life science partners; community leaders; role models; mentors; and elected officials to name just a few.

Tell us why you are a Diabetes Champion. Share your personal story, or recognize someone today!

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Interesting : clicking on the link at bottom of your page does NOT open up the site . I assume that was the intend ?? …I tried to post a discussion a couple of weeks ago on TUDIABETES, Canadian group with the link noted and , when I clicked on the link a page appeared about type 2 diabetes , unrelated to the WDD …and I deleted my post .( unsavvy computer user )