Are you a runner with type 1? Come on in!

Are you a type 1 runner?
All type 1 runners are welcom irregardless of ability. Halfers, marathoners, ultramarathoners, etc. Let’s connect, share, tips, and maybe meet to do some runs together

Training for the Austin Livestrong 1/2 Marathon on Feb 20, 2011. Hopefully the weather, and my blood sugars will cooperate. I am looking forward to it.

Have run four marathons, ten half marathons, and many other races while diabetic … with zero problems. Started a pump in February and now find I go when running. I ran 5 miles Monday at 5:30 PM. My BS was 195 before running, I ate 35 carbs, I turned my basal down to 25% from 3-5:30 and 0% during the run, but still dropped to 54 by the end. (And my last bolus was at 1:00 PM for lunch). Any advice???

Meant to say below I go LOW when running

I have only been running since November. I am on the OmniPod. I have a basal rate of .5U/hr…I usually don’t lower insulin level while running. My runs consist of 4.5 mile twice a week 3 mile once a week and a 7 mile run once a week. On my last long run I sweat my POD off my arm in mile 3. I usually don’t get low until and hour or so after my runs, but lately I have been timing my runs to end right before a large meal. I always check before a run and make sure i am above 120 before heading out. I guess it depends on your hourly basal rates and your exertion during your runs. My Endo told me Tuesday that I needed to closely monitor my sugars after my runs because endurance exercise can effect levels up to 8 hours after activity…WOW!!! Good luck on your next events. My next one is the Crescent City Classic 10k in New Orleans in a week and a half.

Hello. Done 3 Half-Marathons, preparing for my first Marathon for March 2012. I never run with a pump. On longer runs I have dried fruit in my back pocket. Some runners are using honey bags, which are very effective. Everyone has his/her own thing, I guess.
Hey, I created a blog i.e. a web page to track my progress and all preparations for running this first Marathon. Take a peak…
For all you runners, what percentage are carbs involved in your diet?

4 full marathons, same number of halfs, 1 full Ironman, and another coming up in Oct. Looking at Runner1021’s comment below, if last bolus was at 1p and your run started at 3p - might want to consider dropping the lunch bolus to 50% (realizing that your post is several months old, perhaps you’ve tried). For Mike L. - agree, basal, insulin on-board, exertion all play into what happens with BG levels. I tend to load up prior to workout (40-50g carb plus bolus) so I have fuel to burn during the workout. I test during (and watch the CGM), consume similar amounts of carbs per hour but currently use a sliding scale on insulin to counter the carbs (less insulin as the workout gets longer). Also refuel after each workout and often eat (but time the bolus so that insulin has time to start working before I start eating). Good luck to all in your upcoming events - remember, if there is something you want to do - go for it and don’t stop til you make it happen!

I am currently training for my first half marathon in March 2012. I have an animas ping and am curious about all you experienced marathoners out there who take your pump off during the marathon. Details! :slight_smile:

I ran (jogged) my very first 5K on Saturday. Finished in 39:44. I am soooo excited. I don't think I have run that much in my entire life...but I have to say this running thing is pretty neat.

Hello everyone, I am a 50 year old T1 training for my next marathon, I have found that I have to reduce my basal rate +/-15%, and then test more often as my training involves a hard day/ easy day regimen (the old body just doesn't recover like it used to!) I was wondering if anyone had any experience with GTF Chromium supplements. My congrats to all dedicated runners out there!

25 years old, t1 for 1.5 yrs. I want to gt back into running but I've been too afraid of having even worse blood sugar control. I eat very low carb (as I also can't eat gluten, and for some reason most grains/flours/etc. make my I:C ratio go from ~1:12 to like 1:8 or so.) I basically want to get into shape by doing interval running 2-3x a week for a few weeks, and gradually adding in more easy runs without walking. Does anyone have any advice for interval training?

I have found that starting with hill training first, and then working into the speed interval training works well. The hill work doesn't have to be fast, just 30-45 second ups and downs. Even just hiking steep hills will help you improve dramatically, good luck!

hello type1 runners! this is a (first time)half marathon race report written by Megan (t1 for 4 years)With expert comments and tips from a sports dietitian/diabetes coach! Enjoy!

Hi everyone,

I was recently diagnosed type 1(in January) prior to that I had already run 7 marathons. I am doing my 8th marathon in 5 weeks and it will be my first as a diabetic. The training has gone quite well and I have completed a few halfs all with PR's since being diagnosed, but the full marathon is always a bigger challenge. I am getting better with the carb control and learning how much I need to sustain energy without blowing my bs through the roof, but I am curious what others use for pre-marathon carb loading?

Sunny T…I do fine in halves with cliff blocks and running with my pump at 50% basal…training for my first full in October. I hope someone has some additional insight around BS control at the longer distance.

I did it!! I ran my first 5K :) I sucked really bad cause I couldn't run it all the way, so I focused on jogging for as long as I could and walking until I had energy to jog again back and forth. So it took me 46 mins... Also I had to stop at the diabetes tent because my hands were SO swollen I couldn't test myself :/ Is that normal? Do your hands swell up to the point you cannot even bend your fingers? I was so scared I was going to explode!

Just ran my fastest 5k ever in sweltering summer heat in NC! 19:04 almost got sub 19:00 (:

Wow! That's blazing! Great run!

Ran 12 miles last night. It was a nice easy pace, except for the last 1.5 miles. I couldn’t get my legs to run. They were a little cramped, but not really. I had consumed 16oz of water, a bottle of gatorade, and a couple squirts of honey and my legs just stopped. That’s never happened to me and I didn’t expect it for 12 a miler. How the heck will I survive a marathon if I can’t get through a half comfortably?