Are you a technology "geek"? Introduce yourself here!


Hi! I just created this group for Scienticts, Nerds, and Researchers and thought some of you in the Geek group might be interested. I’m looking forward to meet all the engineers, statisticians, mathematicians, natural scientists etc. among you!


I just got a replacement dexcom. The software won’t let me change the receiver #. Does anyone know how I can do so, or how I can import the old data to a new user, or…?


Just talked with tech at dex. He said there is NO way to merge data. That is really *$(#)$ !!!


The dex issue is a known one… Wish theyd get their heads out of the sand because its a real pain… if you can merge meter value I dont see why you cant merge a different device… even if there were limitations… like you could only merge once per device or it only allowed you to import old sessions into a new devices profile…


We’re geeks right? What kind of DB are they using?


OS I asked, I asked where it’s stored, he had no clue. Spent some time exploring to find it and eventually gave up (don’t have much energy atm). This really is a ridiculous situation. If it’s the same type db there should be no reason they can’t be merged.

So, in effect, my old data is now useless unless I open both users and do the math myself. Bah ;(


Has anyone figured out a way to combine dexcom and animas data?


Hi fellow geeks :slight_smile: I joined tudiabetes just a few days ago. Computers are the story of my life and at the age of 34 I’m going for my masters degree in applied computer science :slight_smile: I hope to get to know you all :slight_smile:


Ah, feels like home to be amidst some geeks :slight_smile:


Hi to all in the group. Have my little daughter finally pumping, dx’d just over a year ago. Wading through all the data coming from her Medtronic Veo & Enlite CGM and trying to find the patterns.
I feel at home here with all the other geeks! I’ve been programming/teaching programming for a long time so happy to help where I can and learn from the group where I can’t.


Congrats on the pump! It does have a learning curve - just go with it, and post if you have any questions. The data from my Ping is fantastic, enjoy!


I would love to be a geek, but my geekship is weak! I mean I have a hazy understanding as a user, but have lived for ten years with only my old Accu Chek sensor for company. I'm upgrading from a Samsung Galaxy to a Samsung Nexus with Android4. I would really like to run apps for my T2. It is quite wild at times.I also have serious additional complications. Never seen an endo, Didn't know they existed till I joined here a couple of weeks ago! My State health doctor is pretty layed back(Lazy). If I can accumulate enough data easily I will go to my local Area Health Authority directly with a copy of my right of entitlement to medical help. It will takes me weeks to read all the comments and answers here. I don't have a phone line at home (Phone Company wont give me one),so Internet is a luxury. can someone give me a summery of apps, plug in and any links. Hard ware I have to buy except strips,pins etc! Nice to see jrt here.


Glad to be here.Thank you for the add of friendship to your group,.Please view my informative video on diabetes and dancing:) I can also be found on facebook talking daily about diabetes. Feel free to request me as a friend there. Amanda


How can I upload results from my OneTouch VerioIQ to a mac computer? OneTouch says I can't - which rather steams me.


Gonna be a video game designer when I’m older. Diabetes won’t stop me! xD


Happy to find this group :) I'm a wanna be geek with good skills, still on the learning path, but I do ok. Some days are low and work doesn't go as planned, other days are high gear and I can get my small goals done. I do designing, build a few websites, teach media & SEO classes, all while trying to balance this T2 condition.
Hope I can be of assistance or at least add some "funnies" to the group. Be Blessed.


Network Engineer anyone?
Been doing the Cisco and Microsoft thing for about 17 years. To this day, I am the only Type 1, female, tattooed geek that I know. Any others? :)


I just discovered that in Australia they have a fantastic system where food is labelled according to its glycemic index!
Check out this web link of the "Glycemic index foundation"
it would make life so much easier for us diabetics if they did this labeling in all countries.
How can we make this happen ?


Network Engineer, Juniper MX series.


Is there a way to download CareLInk to a Mac version 10.9.3? I have tried to run it through Parallels, but the computer does not "see" the CareLink to download the info. Super frustrating! Any help is appreciated! I've asked Medtronic customer service and Parallels customer service--so far no luck.