Are you a vegetarian? Introduce yourself here!

i just joined this group called physicians committee for responsible medicine (pcrm) and gonna kickstart a new me hope it works
Thanks to all of you really thank you

Good Luck! PCRM has been very helpful in my journey to wellness.

hello , we’re glad you’ve joined to us Melissa :wink:
To Sparrowrose: what kind of quickly acting insulin do you use and are you a pumper?

Patrycja: I’m off all medications now. It took about six months of very-low-fat whole-food vegan to get to that point and it still wasn’t really working for me until I cut out all glutens (more Americans are sensitive to gluten than are lactose intolerant! I was surprised to learn that.) and made fresh, ripe, raw fruits and vegetables the staples of my diet.

Everybody’s different, though. I saw other people in the PCRM support forum who were able to go off all medications just from going low-fat vegan while still eating processed foods like veggie burgers. I was envious that I had to go so much farther in diet to get results, but now I really like what I eat so I’m not envious any more.

so I am inferring your type 2. diabetes. But I have a great admirartin for your decision and obstinacy in it. Keep going

Hi, I’m Mila and I am a type 2 diabetic.
I’m a vegetarian since 30 years and I am overweight due to a thyroid problem and insuline resistance.
Two years ago I lost 5 kgs in half a year being on a low carb diet, but I couldn’t stick to it because of the lack of variation in proteins as I don’t eat eggs and hardly any dairy. But it kept me off the medication (gliclazide).
At the moment I’ve gained another 10 kgs and I’m quite desperate.
But I’m very happy to find other vegetarian diabetics here !

Hi Mila, were so glad youre here :slight_smile:
and I can imagine how hard keeping a fit is due to our disease
but I hope youre doing better and youll finally gain th occure waight
but Im worried you avoid protein, I am a vegeterian but I do eat daily products every day and the fish from time to time
have a felicitous day :slight_smile:

Thank you for your warm welcome, Patrycja !

Yeaa! I thought I was the only one who was everyone’s most feared dinner guest! Glad to join the group!

yeah, we’re glad you did here and joined us, Robyn :smiley:
Nice to see you here !

I went to Trader Joe’s today and was a little saddened by what I could not find on the shelves. 1.) The vegan Imagine tomato soup has been replaced by the Trader Joe’s brand non-vegan creamy tomato soups. I know Whole Foods carries the Imagine brand but Trader Joe’s usually has better prices. 2.)I could not find the one frozen cheese free vegan pizza they carry. Hopefully they are just out of it. I know it is easy to buy their pizza dough and make your own but heating up a frozen pizza is easier for the days I do not feel like cooking. I cook often but sometimes I want a break.3.) I wish they would carry Tempeh.
Robyn, I feel you on the dinner guest problem. Usually I try to bring a dish whether or not the host wants anyone to bring food. And at non-vegan friendly restaurants, I try my best to be friendly while asking for a vegan dish to be prepared for me. We are probably all tired of spaghetti with marinara sauce since that is often our only choice when eating out. I point this out to restaurants also to encourage more freedom of menu choice for us.

It seems that in many cases diet saves people’s lives. I hope that your daughter is doing well now:)
take care Rosanne :slight_smile:

Trader Joe’s no longer carries the Roasted Vegetable Pizza but the workers there told me it was an Amy’s brand pizza with the Trader Joe’s label on it when they sold it. Whole Foods and Gelson’s have this pizza in the frozen food aisle with the Amy’s brand labeled box. I bought one the other day at Whole Foods.

Are the vegetarian pizzas you are mentioning lo-carb? We don’t have Trader Joe here in Northern Ireland.

No I don’t think the pizzas are considered low carb. They are thin crust but I think a piece is about 15 grams of carb. About the same as a piece of bread. I believe pizza dough is easy to make and there probably are free recipes for this on the internet. I do not know if it possible to make a low carb pizza though. If you want to make a low carb pizza maybe you could make a whole wheat dough and roll it out to be a thin crust. I have done this before. Then you can put marinara sauce and whatever vegetables you have in the fridge on it. The last time I was in Ireland, vegetables were hard to come by. I lost weight there because I am vegan and found it difficult to find something to eat. Maybe because everyone else got to choose where we ate. We were in Southern and mid Ireland. Beautiful place. Eventhough I am Welsh, I can still say, “Erin go Bragh” to you, right?

Hey Sarah - céad míle fáilte. Sorry to hear about the lack of vegetables. I live in the North though but Ireland is known for being an agricultural country and I would have thought vegetables would not be a problem - other things like Soy milk etc and other vegan staples could be hard to come by - especially in small towns.

I saw a recipe for low carb Pizza by splitting open a wholewheat Pitta Bread and then adding the Marinara sauce etc.

Western Ireland (the coast) has some beautiful scenery.

Rydw i’n caru Cymru (is that right)

Sorry I took my name off. I just was not watching what I was doing. I’m starting a new diet that is high in fiber, has the right carbs, portein, fruit and vegies. Will let you know how it’s working. Cookbook is Opmital Diet.