Are you a young adult with diabetes? Introduce yourself here!

Hey Everyone!

We’re looking for young adults with Type 1 interested in joining us for a series of hiking adventures in Western Canada!

Check it out:

(Special thanks to TuDiabetes for allowing us to post this!)

hey all im Tyler ive had type one for 3 years, im 25 and looking to talk to some people my age and maybe in my area, let me know if your around upstate NY, have fun…

Hi Everyone, Sorry I havent been managing this group well, I been having my own health battles. I hope everyone is having a great summer (or winter if your on the other half of the world).

Hi, i’m 20, and have diabetes 11 years, i’m very active, i was in Thailand this summer doing thai boxing so i don’t find diabetes too much of a burden.

hey guys - Kathy here I’m 19 and from the UK (wales to be precise) and I’ve had diabetes for 10 years… ten looooong years lol anyone else from the UK here?

YAYA. Young diabetic people!! So aweSome to be part of this little Crew hehe.

hi all :slight_smile: nice to meet everyone.

Hi Everyone, I was just diagnosed with Type 1 and I just started college. Should I go home or stay for my first semester?

That depends on your ability to adapt to a dramatic change. Personally, I would stay. Just make sure you have supportive friends around you, and bring one with you to a diabetes educator who specializes in Type 1.

Feel free (feel obligated) to stay away from those who act before thinking or are overly assertive with their opinions about what you should or shouldn’t be doing.

I sent your Dad the following message. I hope that you can work things out to fee comfortable to stay.

Have a good heart-to-heart, putting the options out there and listen to her responses. Your daughter will make the choice that is right for her. Hopefully she can continue with her studies as it will help her emotionally to be able to do so.

My son is 17, he was diagnosed at age 10. This Sep is the first time that he withdrew from participating in something that is very important to him, while he works out how to manage his diabetes. David tried out for and was accepted to play junior B hockey. He has always played competitive hockey and the T1 diagnosis kept him off the ice for a couple of weeks but never held him back. The problem is with the longer game at the junior level his BG’s were spiking too high during the game and then falling too low overnight. He made the decision after a few games to withdraw from the team and go back to midget play which is a shorter game.

We have now booked ourselves for a seminar on sports and diabetes and he will look at some options so that he is comfortable moving back up to the higher level of play next season. I know this is totally different as he is already well versed in his diabetes care and it is only a game, unlike something as important as one’s education. David takes his health very seriously and recognized that pushing himself to do something that was having an adverse effect on his body needs to be re-assessed. He needs to develop strategies to safely play the longer game. This might be as simple as adjusting to wearing his pump that he was always able to remove during play in the past.

There is a certain element of fear attached to a new diabetes diagnosis and similar fear negotiating changes in one’s diabetes care. Your daughter at this point will know if she thinks she can manage both the new diagnosis and school at this time, or if she needs to step back from school for an adjustment and management period. She is lucky to have your support.


Hi, everyone! (: my name is Thais, i’m from Brazil ( anyone else from brazil? lol) and i’ve had diabetes for 5 years. Nice to meet you!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Helllo Hello and uhhh Hi lol… I’m 22…I have had type 1 for going on 3 whole looooooong years and kinda looking for people to talk to and vent to because fam and friends don’t really understand what Im going thru so yea…

Hello peoples! I just joined and this group fascinates me. I’ve literally never met anyone within my age group that had diabetes. I mean there was this one other kid in my high school, but he was like some kind of mythical creature. I never once saw him. So yes. I’m 18, graduated high school some time ago and looking to meet some people who don’t look at me funny when I start counting carbs like it’s my job or…even mention anything diabetes related. That’d be nice. :smiley:

Hello i just joined. i’m 24 and i have been diabetic since i was 10. It would be great to meet some people in my age group that know what i am going though.

Welcome to the group! I just turned 29 and I have been diabetic since age 6.

Hi all~ I’m not diabetic and not in the age range, BUT… wait, listen… I’m an adult educator (not a typical one) who actually listens and LOVES working with 18- 20’s somethings with type 1. If you ever have feedback for what you WANT in working with an educator let me know because I sure try, but it helps to get feedback!

hey everyone… im glad there area other young people like me wanting to connect with other young people. i was starting to think that i was the only one. well like i others i have joined the group in hopes to make friends with people my age so hit me up im a cool guy… id like to think lol!!!

Well I just joined the group to meet people in my same age group. I saw that the last post was in November. I hope this starts to pick up again with me ;)

Thank you for the add of friendship to your group.Please view my informative video on diabetes and dancing:) I can also be found on facebook talking daily about diabetes. Feel free to request me as a friend on facebook