Are you a young adult with diabetes? Introduce yourself here!

Alexandria, I would pick up a small, discrete BG meter, and test test test. You don't have to stop partying or clubbing, but you may be able to figure out how many carbs are in that mojito or margarita and how many extra units of insulin you'll need to take to keep your sugars normal.

You may also find that the more you dance, the easier it is to keep your sugars in a lower range. Be a wallflower drinking margaritas 'til the sun comes up and you may find your sugars are over 300 or higher by the end of the night.

Accepting the need to test and keep an eye on your intake (carbs) and output (exercise) will be the first step to conquering Diabetes.

Show your support for a cure, by voting for me and to raise awareness. Your support is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance :)

Hi everyone! I am 19 years old. I was diagnosed type 1 on January 12, 2012. So I'm pretty new to everything. I definitely think having other people who can relate to my situation really helps. Plus I love meeting new people :)

Hi Dianec,

I was 19 when I was diagnosed a year and a half ago on October 25, 2010. Big changes! Feel free to message me anytime or email me if you want someone to talk to (I can give you my number to call me, too, if you want). Someone did this service for me when I was diagnosed and it was literally a life saver to hear things first hand from someone other than my doctor!

Hope all is well with you so far!


Hey dianec! I was diagnosed type 1 a year before you so I totally understand how you're feeling. It really helps having people who know exactly what you're going through. Welcome!!

Thank you Catherine and Danielle. I will definitely take you up on the offer to chat sometime. Its nice having people who are able to relate to what I'm going through.

Hey Dianec! I was diagnosed about a month before you were, so I totally understand what you mean! I feel the same way. Welcome to the T1 family :)

Hi, I was diagnosed on February 10th with type 1 at the age of 26. Just interested in talking to people around my age and how they juggle life with diabetes.

Palominovet, I'm 29 and have had type 1 for 13.5 years now. Juggling things is certainly an adventure but I'd be happy to talk with you about it anytime! Welcome to the group, and the diabetes community in general. While diabetes itself isn't any fun the community makes it almost worth it sometimes!

Hi All,
I am T1 since May 2010, now a veteran of T1 but still young enuf for T1 to share my thoughts.

Hello! im 25 and was diagnosed 13 years ago. I would like to get to know people who know what its like to be diabetic. Id love some opinions and just talk about everyday things we all go through:)

Hi Emarie87! I am 26 years old and this coming April will be my 13 yr diabetes dx as well = )

Hello Heather! Really! its crazy how quick it goes by but you go through so much, right. hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Heather!!

A new group is born....Type 2 Teens!!!
Geared to teens and young adults!
It's Open House! Come and check it out :)

Hi I’m 24 and was dx 8years ago this July. I’m brand new to this site. I have been on a pump for almost 5 years and just switched to the OmniPod 5 days ago.

Hi, qnsgrl, and welcome to Tudiabetes!

How's the Omnipod working out for you so far?

Hi all! I'm 21 and in August I will have had T1 for 20 years. I'm new to this site and I thought it'd be awesome to meet some new friends. =)

Hi there! I’m T1D, diagnosed 7 years ago. I’m on the Omnipod. I’d love to get to know some folks around my age who have been affected by diabetes!

i am 24 and newly diagnosed, about a month ago. moving from pens to the pump tomorrow. I am the only person i know or have ever know with T1 hoping to meet some new people on here!

Hey new people-- I'm glad you guys connected to this group! To Mr. Dx'd last month, pens to the pump in 1 month is very quick! I hope you love your pump!