Are you into extreme sports? Come on in!

This group is for any diabetics that are into any extreme sports. Let us know kind of crazy sports you may be into or even post some sick pics! There are many x-sports out there such as dh mtn biking, bmx, sk8boarding, moto-x and many others.

We need to start a team to benifit diabetes ! An extream team. Get more members and take it to the next level !

I know you guys wanna collaborate footage on a extream diabetic sports video to prove we do not have to be stopped. I know i do, Ive been tryin for a while.

Im right there with you Luke!!! I dont let diabetes stop me from doing anything.

Yeah dude, one day we should all figure out a way to e-mail some of our footage to each other. Like an extream db dvd, but with everyone doing there own thing on the vid.

hey everybody, just signed up for this. does anyone have experience traveling to places with extreme weather (very hot or very cold) and making sure their insulin doesn’t spoil or freeze?

I wish i could help Gabe but livin in the south its pretty much just hot all the time and i really dont travel out of the region, but i do know at walmart you can buy insulan cases to keep it cool or keep it from getting to cold. im sure there pretty cheap to. Hope u find somthing.

Those are some rad videos Chad. I cant Figure out how to load my dvd on the site. I hate computers, im like an old lady when it comes to this junk. Keep it up i wanna see more!

I have been doing a lot of filming of me riding some crazy stuff. I am also a graphic designer that does video editing too. We should put together a extrme diabetic dvd. Let me know if you are interested.

If anyone is interested (to jump or watch) there is a group of us doing a helicopter bungee jump on January 30th near San Diego. It will be filmed by the travel channel for an extreme adventure program. If you are in the area let me know, I hope to hook up with a few people with diabetes in the area.

I’m debating running a marathon. i’m on novolog + lantus injections. already in pretty good shape. I’ve run as many as 11 miles without problems, but want to know what would happen at mile 16, 18, 24, etc. anyone done this before?

Does anyone here aggressive inline skate?

I do roller derby…

I'm in Hawaii for a couple of days and interested in trying skydiving! I parasailed the other day and loved it. I use a pump and usually when I do intense things I run my BG a little higher, maybe 150 just to avoid lows. Anything else I should plan for? Thankfully in good overall health after 30 years of Type 1, Sounds like a good way to celebrate my anniversary!