Are You Paying Attention?

The morning shuffle. That’s what I call when I am making breakfast, the kids are doing their diabetes thing and I am going through the notes for the day. In the middle of the morning shuffle today I looked up and saw Marty just staring back at me.

”What’s wrong?”

”Mom, I just took my night time Lantus amount.”

“Oh crap, did you already push the plunger down?”


“Well, ok…you will just have to pay attention to your body today and test often. You most likely won’t have a problem until later today…but you need to be prepared to PAY ATTENTION!!!”

I stayed calm and explained to Marty that it might be ok, however I don’t much faith in my own statement. His morning Lantus is only 2 units and his night time one is 17. That’s a boat load more Lantus in his system right now than he is use to. And don’t think for one second that I haven’t noticed how ironic this is after my Friday Post. I totally “get” how the universe works. After my fake reassurance I immediately went into my “pay attention to your body speech”. Do you have one of these? I have been asked to share my speech and it made me think a little deeper about what I was saying to my kids. It’s not an amazing speech, it’s short and to the point and gets adjusted a bit depending on which kid I am speaking to….It goes something like this:

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OMG! That is PERFECT! “Listen to your - your - body.” That alone is a LARGE part, a big gist, of this disease! I’ve dealt with it for fify years. People - the un-diabetics - never will understand. I’ve been called selfish, self-absorbed, etc. etc. THe heck with them. I’m alive. Furthermore, I’m alive with all my original parts (except my appendix and my virginity) for over half-a-century! I pray your children listen and learn - and learn some more! I am grateful to you. Truly…AK.

I’ve made mistakes like your son and I’ve lived 50 years with D. I was an adult and working - we learn as we go.

Hey, I am happy he noticed that he made a mistake. It could have been a really bad day if not. He came home within range, it’s a good thing he didn’t take any Humalog today or it would have been nasty for him.

Hi Renata, your post catched my attention as it sound so familiar how your kid Marty responded… I’m a type 1 for 5 years now, and also sometime make mistakes… did I took my shot ? … did I injected the right amount ? … not always easy to pay attention as it is 24 / 7. You get so used to it, that after a while you take your shot without thinking about what you are doing… I really have to force myself to focus when I measure or take a shot…
I also use Lantus in combination with Novorapid. But I only take one shot a day for Lantus. Is it necessary your son takes two shots a day ? Especially if the morning shot is only 2 units. Comparing to the 17 units in the evening… it’s peanuts… also Lantus works very very slow… May be, he could take one shot of 18… 19 units in the evening and no shot in the morning… makes live easier… just a thought.
Cheers, Nicolas.

Oh no, splitting shots is the right thing to do. Lantus does not work for 24 hours, I don’t care what they tell you. Both of my kids are diabetics, so we are old hats at this. About 8 years ago we were struggling with my daughters highs. As soon as we split her shots apart, she evened right out. Marty is just starting on a split shot, so we add in as he gets older and moves more and more into puberty. Anyone who isn’t on a split shot and are having consistant highs at a certain time of the day, like say before dinner, should speak to their doctor about splitting thier Lantus. For us, it’s been a blessing.

Before I went on the pump I took my lantus in 2 doses too, morning and night.

Well, thanks a lot for this information about splitting Lantus into two shots… I certainly will discuss this with my endo ! Learn every day here at TU… thanks again !!
Good luck with the kids… seem you have everything under control
Cheers, nicolas

Back when I used to take Lantus too, I used to split the shot in two as well.