Are you running through life

With school I belong to a mentor program. I emailed him last week and informed him about what is going on with me and the issues surrounding diabetes and school right now. He asked me to think on a question in preparation for this week’s meeting. What do I need to do to feel like I am doing what needs to be done for me. This is a question that everyone could benefit from answering. To many people, focus on loved ones and helping them and ignoring what you need to do for you. If there is anyone out there that actually reads my blog you will notice that my previous post was giving diabetes the finger, well that night I ended up calling 911 as my sugar just kept dropping instead of going up. No matter what I did it dropped, so I took my doctor’s advice and called 911. It ended up being a long dramatic night for me, from arguing with paramedics to slipping into a coma in the e.r. from them not listening to me when I told them my blood sugar was low. I came out of it with some aphasia, which is getting better thank god. And that is where the question comes in of, what do I need to do to feel like I am doing what needs to be done for me from my mentor. I am going to answer that question here very shortly. What happened last week has made me think a lot about how fragile life is. As morbid as this sounds in a way I am glad it happened. Because of the aphasia, it has forced me to slow down and think things through before I say them to make sure I have the right words. Life moves by fast if we don’t slow it down. Maybe this happened because I was running through life, maybe it was the universe’s way of saying hey slow down, you are going to miss something good. Everyone in this world is in a hurry to get someplace, but in the end where are we all going? What is so important that we have to have instant gratification? We live in a I want it and I want it now lifestyle. Why not slow down, it will be there. Don’t sprint through life, just take life one day at a time as it comes. Be thankful each day for what you have in the present.

Let’s hope next time it doesn’t take an ER visit to slow you down.
I can relate, sometimes I feel guilty for taking an hour to myself. But I need it. We all do.

Life has a way of passing us by before we know it.

ahhhhh Cody,
I’m going thru this same phase now. I want to plant a garden. last year my garden got frost bit. This year, I’m downsizing to my front yard where I can see and manage it better. At the same time, I’m going thru some tough stuff. Most of which is causing me to slow down and re-evaluate everything.

  2. I need to play.
  3. sigh… I need some new clothes that fit. ugh…
    4 . Somewhere along the line “D” wants a bigger piece of me than I want to give. I hate being controlled!
    me needs to slow down… feel healthier… let the kids scream while I just kick back…

I know the feeling all to well. But maybe you should just scream and let it all out.