Are you sure you are really not a Type 1?


Thanks I wondered how it would work Good information.
Actually 10 years ago when I was diagnosed at 12.0. I did the first part of your routine,
With testing 5 times a day counting every carb etc, for me that would be the easy part.
My numbers already fit your second half, so that is good check for me.
Thanks always good to talk with a T2 and compare.

Since I have held steady for 10 years, I. Hope my good luck will continue another 10.
If not I will deal with it.


@T2Tom I hope your good luck continues too!


I think yall don’t understand at all what I am saying here:

  1. You have taken a personal observation peripherally related to the OP’s post and assumed it was relevant to the subject raised by the OP. It was quite clearly a personal observation that was somewhat self deprecating, guess I won’t do that again, I can be an arrogant bastard, and I have references to prove it.

  2. You have been totally unsympathetic to Type 1 Diabetics while demonstrating a commendable sympathy to fat people. That’s fine, but:

  3. This is a list aimed at diabetics and the OP is thin.

Not that I am in any way speaking for anyone but myself. I guess I don’t do american social media.

John Bowler


As is op means person posted. It me thin T2
if not ignore comment )


OP means “Original Poster” (you, in this context.)


Thanks but confused but that’s not abnormal )


So I followed the thread back, thanks
Actually I did go through a 30 pound weight gain in a year year , then lost it going low carb, because I felt it was the way to go, but no diagnosis. But the irony is that after that and loosing all the gain. I was diagnose t2 with an A1c of 12. So yes I understand the weight gain issue, but controlled it. As I do T2 )
If that matters
I do remember eating all the time but still hungry.
But that was a past life.


My diabetes comes from my maternal grandmother’s family. GM and all 5 siblings children had adult-onset diabetes, as it was called at the time, with onset in their 40s or 50s. So it had always been assumed it was Type 2. It was almost certainly Type 1, LADA. I’m LADA and have a daughter juvenile onset Type 1. There are also 2nd/3rd cousins with onset in 40s and 50s.

For T1D, there might also be an environmental connection. That would be the trigger for the autoimmune attack on beta cells. Without knowing what the trigger is, it’s hard know. But 6 siblings all with LADA, T1D is suggestive of a common autoimmune trigger.