Arhhh Sensor fail AGAIN...what gives medtronic?

So is anyone else getting a lot of sensor fails for the medtronic sensor? I've had the thing for a few months, but have only worn 4 sensors. 1 worked for 6 days (if you consider working meaning it provides a trend (often not accurate at all), 2 had sensor fail on day 2, and 1 was just sensor error on day one. What a waste. Arrr this thing is a huge piece of junk. So annoying.

I paid a ton of money for these sensors and they just fail? What the heck? This is SO frustrating. This thing is terrible.

Any advice from anyone that can actually get this thing to work? I currently have it taped down with 2 of those tegaderm things as my trainer suggested, but they really aren't helping that much that I can see. All I get it a huge "patch" that I have to clean after the sensor fails.