Arm or Thigh placement

I think I am overusing my “love handles” and the right/left side of my back. I’m considering using the underside of the arm and my thigh. Any advice about placement? Especially in which it won’t hurt?

For the thigh, do they tend to come off for women? I wear leggings and jeans where they tend to hug the thighs, so wondering if it'd be hard to keep on.

Thanks for the tips in advance!

The back of my arns are my favorite places to place my pods. I’m a back and side sleeper, no interference with sleep at all. I’ve been on pods three months and have never had an adhesion issue on my arms or legs. Because of the back of the arm placement you don’t have to worry about when you accciently bumping into a door frame or other objects. Do be careful when removing tee shirts or pullovers so your clothing doesn’t snag one while undressing. When I use my upper thighs I alternate legs and the height of placement, no adhesion probs either. Again, a little care when undressing, no problems. As far as pain, I experienced none, At first I didn.t pinch up any skin and apply pressure in the canulla window, I found insertion a tiny bit painful but now using the pinch and pressure method, I feel none.

I use my arms all the time. Just be careful when you’re getting dressed (and undressed). You’ll get used to it. I tried my thighs once, but I can’t find a spot that I feel like doesn’t look weird under my jeans, so I haven’t done that again.

I started out using my pods on my love handles as well. Took me 2 weeks to get tired of them being there. Thanks to Sarah over at and her VLOG of hers on her arm, inspired me to try it there. I must say that I love them there. It’s like an out of sight, out of mind thing. I admit I have ripped 2 off from that location. Once getting out of my truck and clipping a doorframe in my house. No pain whatsoever for me.

The arm’s my favorite place too…There’ve been a few times I’ve ripped them off when I’m pulling off a knapsack or purse, so you do have to be a little careful, but in general it works really well. I wear them in the back-back of my arm, almost under my arm, so they don’t bother me when I’m sleeping on my side.

I’ve tried the thigh site too (both inner–which is kinda uncomfortable when you cross your legs–and outer…Found it doesn’t get as good absorption (that’s just for me…I know people who haven’t had that problem), so I don’t use legs anymore. I’ve never had a problem from my jeans rubbing against the pod while I’m just walking or whatever. If anything, tighter jeans just keep it in place.

Interesting about the jeans holding the pod in place!!
Would you do under the arm, like where the thin skin is/fat?

Can you tell me the URL? Thanks!

I’ve never tried there, but it would probably work. (Might be uncomfortable and dig against your ribs, though, especially if you roll over on it at night.)

Sleeping with it there would be really hard for me. Somewhere on this site I saw a wonderful suggestion of taking an old pod, and sticking it on to a site you are considering. Wear it around a few hours and see how that site feel/gets bumped/etc. I use my arms, I haven’t really mastered the art of where on my arms is a good place, after about one day the insertion point gets really touchy and sore. The best advice I had on arm placement was that after the pod is on, if you hold your arm 90` in front of you, the pod is just about facing the floor. This made a big difference in sleeping.

Another place to consider is your butt. I wear mine there, high enough where you don’t sit on it, and my jeans don’t bother it. You can see a strange lump of course, but it could almost be a cell phone in your pocket.

The back of my arms are the best for me. It works great for sleeping and sometimes I really do forget I have it one. I do alternate to my stomach area every 3-4 times to give my arms a break. I do use the outside of my upper thigh when I am golfing or going to the beach.