Armband suggestions for Ping?

Hi all, typically when I do any sort of run/workout I just take my pump off because I cant stand to have it on my hip or in a pocket. As my workouts are getting longer, I don't feel comfortable leaving the pump off for extended periods of time. I was wondering if anyone had success with an armband that fit the ping and could be used while running.

I wear my ping on my waistband and my DexCom in an iPhone armband on my forearm. I usually wear the ping with the screen of the pump facing in, against my skin, and the clip on the outside of my shorts. The exception is when I am wearing a race belt or RaceReady LD shorts, which have side pockets that are exactly the right size to hold the pump.

I wear a fanny pack (worn backwards) and carry my Ping, Dexcom, as well as my testing supplies and Smartees to treat lows. I have the waist band pretty tight so it doesn't bother me at all when I am running. (Just getting into running) but am also wearing this during Zumba class. Seems to work for me.