Around and Around We Go!

Hey All! It's me calling ... Lois! It's been quite a while since I last posted because I have been very busy trying to settle into a new apartment after 18 months (or more) in a rehab/nursing facility. Take it from me, it's no elegant spa. Oh, I don't mind the rehab -- it's the rest of it all. Lazy aides, bad/cold food, lying administrators, boring childish activities and not the least of it -- that good ol' barn yard smell you catch while zooming down the hall to get away from it! YUM!!

I went into the home (in November 2011) for two purposes. One, to rest my arthritis-riddled knee; and two, to have surgery on a finger with two ruptured tendons. Well, as to the first, therapy stopped because it's so bad that they can do nothing for me other than surgery (and like heck I'm gonna spend more time in a rehab!!!) AS to the second reason -- it never happened. The surgery was postponed 4 times til the doc finally admitted he didn't want to do it because the finger wasn't limber enough to make a fist like normal. I then went to a different surgeon and he said the same thing!! Answer this: if it were limber enough to bend to the palm of the hand, would I ever need the surgery in the first place??? My problem is that I can't bend my left index finger!! Da##ed doctors. Now I am left with a permanent disability to add to the others. It sure puts a crimp in my ability to type 106 words per minute!!

In the meantime, my power chair practically blew up. It will cost over $1,500 to replace two motors, plus other parts and labor!! I am using a loaner from the home -- it's atrocious AND made for a person smaller than I am. It's ridiculous that Medicare won't pay for repair while I am in a facility but I can go without. As a PS on this one, there is a perfectly designed [for me] power chair that had already been approved for me. Why can't they bend the rules when a situation like this comes up? I cannot use a manual chair because I have severe arthritis in both wrists and a rotator cuff tear. Ssssssiiiiiiggggghhhhhh!!!!!!!!

On top of that, I lost my Title 19 coverage because I had trouble paying the cost-share of almost $2,000 each month!! Well, I reapplied and promised to be a good girl and approve a payee to take over my accounts. In essence, I get no more than $45 to spend as I wish. What doggie dooodooo!@@#

Well, pizza in the oven I have to watch. Catch y'all again.


Glad to hear from you, and hoping things will improve now that you have your own place. At least you won't have people ordering you around! Hang in there!

Yikes Lois! That sounds like you are in a tough situation but did an amazing job typing without your finger!

Hi Lois. Welcome back. So sorry to hear you have had so many problems. Wishing you a much better week. Cheers! Joanne P.S. Hope the pizza was good. :)

Hey Lois Glad to have u back with us!!!