Around this time of the year

It just seems like it is me against those damn Girl Scouts cookies and they tend to win. Anyone has this problem???

I just had a look at the nutritional information and they are 5-12g carb per cookie. Sounds perfectly manageable to me. In fact they are a nice size to use as a hypo treatment. (Yes yes I know it’s off book but they work for me!)

Lol…ya…that is if you can stop at 1 or 2 cookies. Then that makes you the winner.

You know, they’ve been putting artificial girl scouts (instead of good wholesome real girl scouts) in the cookies the past few years. While the real girl scouts were essentially zero-carb, the artificial ones have gobs of carbs.

Not now but when my girls were in there…

I was just dx’ed with type 1 Oct 2010, so this is my first year with the temptation. As I have several friends whose daughters are selling cookies, I asked my husband if he wanted any. I told him it would be ok with me if he did, it wouldn’t bother me. But he decided against it, he’s a good man.

But this did remind me of one of my friend’s statuses on facebook a few days back. I laughed for about 10 mins after reading this (and yes, she is crazy enough I have no doubt this happened):

Soooo....after working out for a couple of weeks, I decided that every time I got a Girl Scout cookie craving I'd put on my swimsuit and check myself out in front of the mirror. Result? I'm eating Thin Mints in a bikini at the kitchen table.

It still makes me laugh!

Yup. It’s worse than Halloween or Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Trefoils!!! Mmmmmmmm.


LOL…that is too funny.


LOVE "EM but I’ve found that I will eat too many if I order them so I just don’t get any.

i just ordered a few boxes and i though it was just me

you know the DMV is the biggest market for the cookies

Nope it’s not. It seems like here we avoid them! LOL!

Too funny, Kelly!

My wife just brought home the purple box of coconut carmel things. Plus she bought some other cookies as well. Its pretty odd that there hasnt been cookies in the house in a year or so, then bang! loads. I had 1 when I was low a few days back. Got my fix. Moved on (hopefully).

That’s hilarious!

Nutritional (ahem) information is available here:

Too funny…so see, we can’t be blamed…we got to buy them and then we can’t just look at them.

Oh ya??? The DMV?

they really aren’t that good, sorry, I guess I mean they were tastier years ago when I was a girl scout.