Art project with empty strip bottles, turning trash into treasure

Ever wondered what to do with all those empty little bottles that are all around the house or filling up the trash can? Well, I decided to paint them, and or decopodge them maybe even glue on some beads on the outside, and then write little prayers, or nice letters, words of wisdom or hope, good thoughts for the day…ect. and put it inside and give them to those special to me. Little messages in a bottle- very unique and a fun project, this would also be a good craft to do with kids at a diabetes camp or support groups. These are not done,I am just starting, I have not painted them all of the way, they will be completely painted top to bottom and maybe inside too.
6495-100_7461.JPG (419 KB)
6496-100_7537.JPG (334 KB)
6497-100_7532.JPG (311 KB)

Sounds interesting Joy. I bet it will be really pretty! Maybe you can post photos of the finished products =)