Arthritis issues

I’ve just been diagnosed with tennis elbow (more likely computer elbow). The middle finger connected to the elbow tendon is extremely painful. Toss in a painful big toe joint on the same side and…well much pain. I used to see a wonderful rheumatologist, but she doesnt take my insurance. And our town is so short on that specialty that even the university is not taking new patients. I was prescribed Mobic, but am sort of afraid to take it. Tylenol arthritis seems to be just as good on some of the pain. My question: anyone know of some good books or videos or places to get info on diabetes and these conditions? Also on maybe overall exercises to get all three areas. I know I have osteoarthritis and I was in ballet for 25 yrs so my feet are not happy. But all this at once is a lot and I dont seem to be able to locate local help.

I had a similar issue a couple of years ago and the only the only way I could use a computer mouse for almost 3 months was to use a vertical mouse. Maybe out of the realm of some of the things you are looking at but if not, here is a link that seems to cover most of them. I had one at the office and 1 at home. In case you share any of your computers, no problem as you can have both a vertical and regular mouse installed at the same time and they both work.

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Oh wow. If you try the two things they suggest…it sends great pain through my wrist and elbow when I do the one way. gosh I didnt know this! Will research for sure!


I’ve had tennis elbow before and I used a brace/wrap like this and it helped me get through my day.

Your toe sounds like it might be gout, which is very, very, painful. You might want to go and see your family doctor who could probably diagnose it and give you something to help.

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The elbow could have been gout too, but he didnt think so. I looked in one of my dance books (I was in ballet for 25 yrs) and think I found the toe issue (degenerative arthritis). I was gong to order that exact type of brace, but tried some KT kinesiology tape on my arm and it feels better. Even tho I probably mangled the tape up a little too much…:slight_smile:

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