Artificial Pancreas Android Phone at UVA RIGHT NOW!

WOW, just got off the phone with clinical nurse manager at UVA's artificial pancreas division. they are doing trial in adolescents, a 10 hour study to see if the algorhythm ( in the freaking android phone that also has all the dex data) can handle three 30 carb snacks over a 10 hour period!

Have to have two iv's in all day ( to correlate with dex data, and wear 2 dexcoms) so I'm not sure if kennedy will want to do that one, but they have a 400 patient adolescent database, so it will fill quickly!

Here is the other cool thing... UVA has the FIRST android phone with the algorhythms integrated with dex, and they WILL be commercializing as a medical device, so they will need about a gagillion million dollars to do so...

The algorhythms act on the RATE OF CHANGE of the DEX. and the study outcome is hopefully to stay within 80 to 180...

Oh, and if you drop your phone in the toilet, the worst case scenario is to go back to your open loop, ( like you were before) because you still have ( but only need to change out the pump) your combo dex/omni controller ( they have several and the cost 40k right now)

Sound off what does everybody think?