Artwork & Relationships

Help me out here…

I have a new girl friend, and she is a wonderful woman!

We have a problem, though…

I have this beautiful painting of Elvis on Blue Velvet… It is so romantic… Sigh…

My girl friend thinks it’s ugly, and refuses to even consider hanging it on the wall over our bed.

Any help, here?


Sometimes, we must forgo our fine art, for those we love. And, this is the reason the man cave has become a matter of practicality. It is where we can place all of our unappreciated valuable assets.


Live girl or dead Elvis.


Just sayin’

I had two goals in mind:

First, even a man my age can use a little advice on how to improve his love life.

Second, there is way too much emotional angst on this site, and adding a measure of levity might help folks smile a little…


Ok, then here is another idea. It will take some work, but it can be done. You build a mechanism into the headboard of your bed, it raises Elvis something like everyother day and at times of intimacy. But, other times he is gently lowered into a safe, secure, storage container.

Ha ha ha I can see that this is a serious problem!!
Personally I’d pick Elvis, but I’m a girl soooooo…
Though if it’s an awful painting (as I’m an artist) I might have to pick the girl…
choices eh? ;o)

An awful painting?

Of Elvis?

If my only reaction to this post is to laugh heartily, does that make me insensitive?


lol im with you sam, following this definately puts a smile on my face =]


If you are laughing at my predicament, you are not insensitive.

Merely a guy…