As I wait and continue to learn

I have discovered a lot with my dex. I have learned in the short time I’ve been on it as listed:

1) first week the info was right on target +/- with my meter
2) the 2nd week was funky but it settled itself out
3) I got the infamous ??? and had to call dex for a new sensor and to get the green light to change it.
4) I changed new sensor and was fine until this morning 11/29/10 where I got the ???. I was beginning to get frustrated but once I was about to have my boyfriend call, it sorted itself out.

Not sure what the next sensor will bring. I just get excited that I have info. Seeing my night time numbers is seeing that MDI just isn't working no matter how many times you change the # of units for me to be on.

Speaking of insulin. I am waiting for my insurance company to have the green light for shipment on my Animas ping green insulin pump. I am so excited that I'll be embarking on pumping. I've read thinking like a pancreas and have learned so much in regards to corrections and I:C ratio! I am even reading the Animas workbook online and doing the exercises so I can get an idea of what I am working with and have a better knowledge on pumping. Hey, I have the time to do it now while I wait so why not?

I also learn from the CGM and pump forums as well as from the Dexcom group and the Animas group. It allowed me to see what I am getting into. I also kept my own log for a few months now (still need to include food from places I eat at) of foods I eat on a regular basis. It will be added into the food database on the ping remote. Which will be quite helpful for when I go out. My only problem is I can't find Cheesecake factory or even IHOP. So I am not sure how I'll be entering those. I need to look up my favorite drinks to add in there as well.

So it is nice to take this time to learn and have fun. I'll be once again excited once I am on my ping. I may have to wait until I finish my CNA course as that ends on January 7th. I can't miss any classes so I'll have to deal with going after. But it will be worth the wait and I'll be in a new job by then too and not worry about missing anything.

So I sit and wait! Come on ping, I need you