As Time Goes By


Wow, September went by quick. The diabetes is doing alright. Ha1c was 5.3. That was a crazy day. Labs are sooooooo unpredictable. Sometimes we (husband, son and I) can go in and we’ll be out in ten minutes. Sometimes we go in and it takes 2 HOURS and 20 MINUTES. That is a long time to keep a toddler busy while Mommy then Daddy gets blood drawn. Eeeeks!!! My husband had the little man for the majority of it. I left with a BG reading of 94 and came out in the 190’s, probably due to the fast and the stress. My sugars spike high and the level out high when I go low carb or fast. It starts after about 11-12 hours.
Things are going well. The days have been busy. There were a couple of parties throughout the month, but everyone managed to make it through.
My son, Doug (2 years), started gymnastics in the beginning of the month. He is not big on staying still and following instructions when placed in a social situation, which is why we are trying to get him out to more structured social activities. Toddler library times also started up again on Mondays. He threw a big tantrum there today. Funny, most people who meet him find him a bit shy, cute, fun, and easy going. He becomes a different person when in a “class” or during structured activity.
My husband, Brad, is back at school. So far it looks to be a promising year. We are trying to figure out a few things for him health wise. He is documented as pre-diabetic. His fasting sugar is 110 and his post breakfast is in the 140’s. We found that if he eats eggs and skips the carbs then his sugars go to 102 after breakfast so there are some troubles with the carbs in the AM. We will continue working on it. He already handles so much. There really is no need for him to get tired from high(er) blood sugar levels if they can be avoided.
I started my studio art class :slight_smile: and am very excited. The teacher talks quite a bit, but is a free thinker. That is great! I am not there to have someone constantly agree with me or draw for me (hover). She does neither off those. There have only been 2 classes so far. I am including some of the stuff I have done and will also be posting it in the Artist’s group and on the Through the Looking Glass website for my sister to look at. The final drawing is a concept drawing that is going to be created into a work on burlap using fabric. I have never worked on anything but paper and canvas (just started canvas in July) so I am VERY excited!
This was odd… and I found this happening last year when I took fencing. I HAVE to take extra insulin when I go to art class. It has something to do with hormones and nerves. My sugars go high whenever I do anything new, even if I REALLY want to be there. At parties and social events I get anxious and my sugar goes really low for the entire duration.
The athletics are going well. I have been getting close to doing 10 miles on the elliptical in 55 minutes. I log in a little more or less then 25 miles a week. Weights are going well. Many of my numbers are in the low to mid 200’s. Not bad for a “light weight”. The kickboxing class I attend has changed its format. It seems a bit fragmented to me, but maybe it’ll just take some getting used to. Dancing is going well though. Still bustin the groove. I was invited to join a Contemporary Dance class that is being formed for the winter. A small private dance class for Contemp. Dance. I have never really done contemporary dance, but I’ll give almost anything a go. I feel very honored for being asked.
This upcoming month there are a few more parties including a HUGE wedding out in Chicago. EEeeks!!! I’ll probably be working on a diabetes game plan for that one. It’s been a long time since I have gone to the hospital for diabetes and I don’t plan to go again any time soon.
Thanks for reading. I know it was more about day to day events then diabetes, but there will always be more of those.

Here is my art work so far:
well, the first one isn’t my concept. It’s a Michelangelo that I thought I’d try to sketch. The rest are mine.

The Last Two pictures are both entitled “Lady Luck”. The first of the two was a quick (maybe 5 minute) sketch for a piece I want to develop. After a conversation with my instructor the second version was created. The final version will be based off of my second “Lady Luck” and probably made of burlap and fabric, but first I need to make a mock-up out of less expensive materials.