Asante Snap Insulin Pump?

Has anyone seen this new pump, Asante Snap Insulin Pump? I need a new pump, like several months ago and am searching my options and just came across this online. Not very pleased with what I have seen so far, Omnipod, Minimed and Tslim

From the TuDiabetes Administration:

a video with the CEO of Asante can be seen here

What about the animas ping?

i like my Ping!

The Snap looks well-designed but the waiting game for new products can be uncertain and frustrating. IMO, the Snap might roll out sometime this year but who knows. Is your current pump still working? Then you can wait it out.

I did a usability study on this a few years ago, and I found the whole loading up procedure tricky, and that it seemed to produce a lot of waste (like, similar to the Omni Pod, but with tubing). From what I saw there, I don't expect to be a big fan, However, I'm not sure I would have felt that way if I didn't already use a pump I was happy with (Animas Ping)

Here’s a very informative article about the Asante Snap:

One interesting thing is that it is using pre-filled cartridges which will only be available in Humalog. I’m sure the other insulin brands will eventually be added, but if you love your Apidra or Novolog, you might not want this pump. But there will be a 30 day trial program, so you can always give it a try.

Let us know what you find out as you investigate this pump. It will initially be offered in several test markets followed by a more widespread release.

Thanks for the suggestions to look at Ping. Meet with the Ping rep today and love it. Will send in the paper work tonight. So happy to finally find a pump that seems to meet my requirements.

Hi "Trouble",

I had an opportunity to wear the Snap with a small group of pump wearers last month and was so impressed that I am now wearing the Snap as my pump of choice. When choosing an insulin pump that we most often will be committed to for 4 years, it's important that we, the person wearing the device 7/24 have the final choice in which technology, features and ultimately, company we are choosing. I've worn many of the pumps available today, Animas PING, Medtronic Revel, Insulet OmniPod, Accu-Chek Combo,and now the Snap. There is not an insulin delivery system that meet all the feature requirements, needs and wants for every person with diabetes out there. What I really love about the Snap is the pre-filled 300+ unit insulin pen cartridges. The cartridge has 315 units so after priming the (easy disconnect) tubing there actually is close to 300 units in a glass container with absolutely no bubbles. Replacing the cartridge takes seconds (not minutes). The tubing is primed just by twisting the the cartridge cap on. 1, 2, 3, done! The device is so lightweight and small. My DexCom G4 receiver fits into the Asante Snap clip. The battery issue is out of sight and out of mind as it is built into the pump body which holds the cartridge and is disposed of after the cartridge is empty. The Snap has a flash-light built in which at first glance, I was not interested in this feature however, after several weeks of wearing it, I must say I've used it quite a bit. The Snap has all the SMART features of the other pumps and the easy to use navigation of the screen program get you in and out quickly and easily. I like new technologies and companies that care about us, the patient using the technology and Asante has shown me that the listen and have built a unique and impacting device that will make other companies wake up and start changing the game a bit. The other aspect that the Snap offers is an extremely low cost purchase price. This should start a process of lowering IPT costs (finally) so that more people with insulin requiring diabetes can start using IPT. As far as the Humalog, Novolog, Apidra aspect is concerned, this company has been on the market for a very short time and is only currently available in the NE USA. As the expand the ability to serve the expanding market, additional contracts with Novo and Sanofi should come together. Anyway, it's always great to have an educated consumer who can choose. Happy, healthy pumping!

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Bill, tx for your interesting post. I have a few questions if you happen to know and care to answer?

1)Do you think the total 4 year cost runs about the same as other pumps?
2)Re the Combo bolus, is it mandatory to press Ok to initiate the Extended portion after the Now portion delivers or will the Extended delivery proceed even if you don't press Ok?

Ironically one of my fav features of the Snap might be the lack of alerts during an ongoing temp basal. I frequently execute Super Boluses/Super Corrections and my medtronic alerts every 20 minutes which often occurs when I am sleeping. I wish it allowed temp basal via rate of insulin.

Hi Don,

Great questions that I'll try to answer.
1) Cost - the 4 year cost may be the same or slightly higher than traditional pump therapy however this is based on current manufacturing costs of the pump body. I've been told that the hope is that with a growing market share coupled with a significant reduction in manufacturing costs, the price of consumables (namely the pump body) will bring the total 4 year cost below current traditional pump costs so that more people with be capable of utilizing pump therapy.

2) Combo Bolus Function - it is not necessary to press OK to initiate the Extended portion after the now portion has been delivered. The screen does show a confirmation screen at the end of the Now portion however, the delivery of the Extended bolus with deliver regardess of whether the OK is pressed at the end of the Now bolus or not.

The Snap (and I'm still learning) allows temp adjustment in 0.05 increments and also displays the % of ajustment. The company has made this device intuitive yet easy to navigate and program. Is it perfect? No - but I applaude Asante for moving forward and increasing the competitive pressure on other pump companies to continue to enhance the features for our benefit.

All the best,

Bill King
T1 Marathon Coach/Runner
DCCT/EDIC Study Participant
TCOYD Faculty Member
Insulindependence/DESA Faculty Member
Twitter: @bkingb
Type 1 since 7/1984

Thanks! A follow-up question. It is good that the Combo bolus will deliver in its entirety. If I read the manual correctly, two confirmation screens appear after the Combo Bolus delivers. If I don't press Ok to these screens, will they clear up on their own eventually?

Don, I'm not sure however I will check it out and get back to you...

Update: The Combo Bolus feature will deliver two confirmation screens if you confirm the first screen it will deliver a second screen of information related to the amount of insulin and timing of the combo delivery. The screen(s) will clear in ten seconds (approximate) if no action is taken and the Extended portion will continue.

A sensible implementation (vs adding mandatory extra steps). Thanks Bill for taking time to answer my questions!

I'm testing out the Snap right now, and so far have been really happy with it. I'd recommend it to anyone considering a pump, in fact.

I really like the user interface, which to me is a lot simpler and more intuitive than some others. I find that I'm using the advanced features more than I do on my usual pump (Ping) because I find them much easier to program on the Snap.

I was initially concerned about the amount of waste created by the Snap, since the entire "pump body" gets replaced weekly (a little like the Omnipod, although Snap isn't a patch pump), but was really glad to hear that Asante has a program for Snap users to send used pump bodies back to them (they provide a postage-paid envelop) for recycling.

This weeks' issue of Diabetes Mine contains a couple pieces on the Snap, one of which includes a couple very unusual ads that Asante is testing, and a survey to assess their reception in the community. Take a look:

Asante’s Risqué Diabetes Marketing: Too Much, or Just Good Fun??

Trial Testing the New Asante Snap Pump

w00t, risquebetes!!

The 2nd ad was a tad risque and suggestive, but I was not offended:cute appeal to the younger crowd. Though the time it takes to change a resevoir is one consideration when comparing pumps, It is NOT the most important feature for me. Also, in the first video ad, the guy reaches for a resevoir and calls it a "syringe".....does not make me want to trust these folks if they let a misnomer like that float in a national ad.hmmmmm

God Bless,

I agree that the time to change a reservoir is a non-factor for me. The process seemed cumbersome the first couple of times but now it's very quick and often seems sort of cathartic to me. Maybe that's just because I know the hot juice is going in the tank to replace the 4-5 day old schwag but I like swapping them out and the Medtronic process doesn't bug me at all.

Hahaha, I don’t think risqué is what they should be worried about! That’s the cheesiest attempt at edgy I’ve ever seen.