Asante Snap Insulin Pump?

bill, thanks for the insights. I have worn MM pumps for 20 years. will do a 30 day Snap trial next month.

i now use MINIMED 522 & am very happy with it .
is the SNAP covered by MEDICARE ?

I am sure the snap is a modern pump and easy to use. However I am a bit puzzled that the snappy nature is so prominent in its marketing. The Accu-Check D-Tron family is using the standard insulin vials with 300ml for ages now. Again, a good choice by Asante but not very novel in my opinion. It will make the pump body longer than usual pumps but this is compensated by having less height.

In my opinion features like convenient data export via XML is much more important. What about a WLAN feature for example. In proximity to the home WLAN the pump could connect to a server of your choice and upload its data via HTTP/HTTPS automatically. This could be a computer running at home OR a server running somewhere else. Around this feature for open data exchange a bunch of open source tools could evolve. We should work with our pump data to prevent the repetition of common mistakes. A complicated export procedure is not very helpful to achieve that.

I am new to this site, and also new to insulin pumps. But I am trying this Asante Snap insulin pump out and here is my take-

After being on insulin and then insulin pens since the 2004, I have to say that I am pleased to not have to keep taking 5-7 shots of insulin every day. I won't miss the 25,550 needles. So moving onto a pump, any pump, will be a better situation.

I am not knowledgeable about the many pumps on the market. I am sure they have a lot of great features, but the costs will surely be high. I am getting older, age 59 with retinopathy & macular degeneration issues, numb fingers, etc., and all I want is something simple, easy to use. The Asante Snap appealed to me. I like the fact that the cartridge of Humalog simply drops in and primes in a second. I can see the fonts well, and can take a smart bolus easily. All I do is enter BG, hit next and put in carbs, hit start. When cartridge is getting low I carry another one & cartridge body to work and switch it out. I have to change the infusion set every 3 days, which is like 1 needle instead of 15 or more needle in 3 days. If it isn't at the 3 day change time I put the same tubing back onto the bottle and reconnect to the cannula. If it is at the time to change it I will do that at home. Maybe I am not doing things properly, but it works for me.

Asante Snap has many features to adjust insulin during the day, even has different profiles, has logbook and collects some useful data that I can get to easily if needed. My Doctor's office staff handles the tech stuff, adjusting Basal, sensitivity, etc.. I am very happy with the Asante Snap pump. I am also very happy with the company. Being a small company they are working with me. They are also working with companies to upload data to the cloud, to the cell phone, and also in talks with Dexcom for merging CGM.

I recommend the Asante Snap, especially for people like me who want things simple. Diabetes is controlling me, my memory, vision, nerves, muscles, etc., so I am very happy that a company is trying to simplify diabetes.

Thanks for this report, Rob. When I saw the TuD video here of the Asante CEO, I was impressed with the pump itself as well as the company. The free trial that they offer all diabetics is consumer-friendly. I'm a long time pump user and the Snap will definitely be on my short list when I pick my next pump three years from now.

I am considering the Asante Snap, too.

My criteria may be different than others, but here they are:

  1. I've been using pumps for 26 years
  2. I've used Minimed (before they became part of mega-corporation Medtronic)
  3. I've used Animas (before they were acquired by mega-corporation Johnson & Johnson
  4. I've used Cozmo, the pump Medtronic drove from the market with lawsuits and exorbitant patent licenses
  5. Most recently, I've used OmniPod
  6. I want to see more competition in the insulin pump marketplace to reduce costs
  7. I want to see more innovation -- pumping is virtually the same as it was 30 years ago

The Snap satisfies some of these criteria, especially #6.

Frankly, I'm sick of buying into another 4-year cycle of yesterday's technology, so the biggest appeal of Snap is the potential of much faster cycle times for improvements.