Ask the Chef! Preserved Lemons?

Leslie Schroeder wrote:
I’m preserving Meyer lemons for the first time. Seems simple enough, but I
haven’t seen very many recipes to use them, other than in couscous. Would you
mind recommending a resource for using preserved lemons?

See my response, and a few ideas on what to do with this great resource by visiting my blog!

So are these lactofermented? Have you read “Wild Fermentation” or “Preserving Food without Freezing or Canning?” Do you think fermented foods are good for you, should we eat more lacto-fermented foods?

I bet these would be a good addition to Thai style dishes. I often slice fresh lemons thinly to add to the dishes.

@bsc - Exactly. I have not read those two books, but now I plan to. I am totally on the boat for lacto foods. They have so much to offer. Koreans have their kimchee, which is out of this world to eat.