Asking for advise before starting omnipod!

Hi, I'm new here so I'm looking froward to any advise :) so due to health issues and insurance changes I am switching to a pump from MDI. I've done trials with the Animas and the Omnipod and I loved the Omnipod so I'm almost sure that its the one. What did you wish you knew before you started on the Omnipod? How often do you see issues with the cannula? Does anyone have experiences being on Medicaid and using the Ominpod? Has anyone had problems with getting a replacement PDM if you lose it? I would love to know in general all your experiences with the Omnipod and any other advise would be great! Thanks!

On average I have a pod failure due to different issues, like cannula problem or so 4 times a year. Insurance covers a new PDM every 4 years if needed. So if you lose it - you have to pay for it cash. Just like any other pump. I have a sticker on the back of mine with the phone number, if found, since no value for someone else, I would expect a call.

Search here for Medicaid experiences from other users on Omnipods. It can be "fun" (not really), but can be done from what I understand. You just have to fight for it being a "durable medical device", which is the controller, not the pumps... Use Omnipod's sales team heavily as they usually help out a lot on this.

I've not had a failure in a very long time. Only issue I have with the cannula is if I put the pod on an old MDI site, where my skin is tough due to scare tissue from years of MDI, the cannula sometimes doesn't go in nicely. Like the insertion needle gets stuck for a few minutes. I jump when it finally retracts, not fun but doesn't kill the whole process. Pod works just fine after that. YMMV of course, and you'll eventually find spots on you that work better than others.

Hi! I have been using the OmniPod for about 6 1/2 years. I think it's great.

Any time Insulet redesigns the pods, I have seen an increase in pod failures. But I feel the issues get resolved fairly quickly.

I have had Medicaid while using the OmniPod. It took a lot of effort to find a supplier that would work with NC Medicaid. If you do not already have a supplier lined up, I would talk to Insulet about contacts. I already had the OmniPod prior to obtaining Medicaid, so I do not know how it is about covering the PDM. But it covered the pods for me. I also had to go through my supplier of the pods to obtain the glucose testing strips. NC Medicaid would not cover the Freestyles through my local pharmacies.

Best of luck to you!

Hi there. I've been on the POD a few years now, and love it. I rarely have a POD failure nor do I have any issues with the cannula. For POD failures, I simply call support and they replace the POD in my next shipment at no cost. I'm from Canad so can't help you on the insurance side, but Insulet did look after much of the paperwork with my health insurance provider which I'm sure they'll do in the U.S. as well. I believe you'd have to buy a new PDM if you lost it. Check with your home insurance provider though, to see if it's covered, just like any expensive home contents might be. Good luck with your decision.

Do not think twice about starting OmniPod-- go for it! After MDI, you will find this a life-changer. You will have a couple of weeks to get the settings right, but after that you should have much better control, and your daily life will be much easier to manage. Good luck with it, and welcome to the OmniPod users' group.

Don't listen to all the whiners with their "pod failure" this and "screeching alarm" that. (I'm not referring to current Pod people who discuss the occasional OmniPod problem). Join the Pod Nation and say goodbye to multiple injections and the annoyance of needing to connect and disconnect with a traditional tubed pump! OmniPod changed my daughter's life for the better (which means it changed my life for the better, too!)

Thank you all for your responses! I got my ominpod in the mail yesterday and I look forward to trying it! :slight_smile:

Congrats on joining the Pod People! Hope you love the OmniPod!

Thank you rgcainmd!

It is a good choice. Every system or type of infusion set has its issues. We have had occasional Pod failures but overall the OmniPod has been great. We wouldn't change. Since we are in Canada I cannot speak to your insurance questions but I am sure you will be happy with it once you get the hang of it. Allow some time to learn the ropes and you will wish you had made the change sooner. Good luck!

good luck and don`t give up! it takes awhile to get your settings right!

So have you started yet?

If so, how's it going? Well, I hope. If you have any questions, this place has a wealth of information and advice.

Hi, everyone I started my pump today, it went pretty well at the doctors office so that’s good, but I am finding myself feeling a bit anxious, I think I’m mostly feeling overwhelmed about how it fits into my already sometimes stressful life, but also that it’s out of my comfort zone. I am feeling hopeful about how it will be better, I know it will take time I’m just feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment.

Just hang in there; you'll do fine. Think of it this way: pumping will actually make your life less stressful once you get used to it because you will not have to haul around as much stuff with you and you will have the ability to dose your insulin in smaller increments as needed compared to how you were able to dose using MDI. Which in turn will lead to better BG management. It's all good.

Thanks for the encouragement, I thinking was a bit overwhelmed the day I got it. It’s been a bit of a roller coster with by blood sugars because they are topically running high after meals and the pump is getting them down inbetween which is a good thing but it just means up and downs, but over all I see how it will be a big improvement.

Just hang in there. It will get better. I was overwhelmed when I first got mine. It took some time, but my numbers are under control and my A1C is down....There are a lot of times I can't even remember where I have it on my body !