Asking your boss for a set shift

Ok , So I work shift work 6am to 6pm for a mouth then change to 6 pm to 6am. I have been doing this job for 15 years and the I am really struggling with my BG's for the last year of too I am on the medtronic pump.The changing of my hours is killing me it takes for ever to catch up on nights my BG levels are high. My job title has shift work in the description. IF I go to my boss and ask for a set shift am I opening a can of worms that can back fire on me????????????????????

In my humble opinion you aren't. But then you know your boss and your company better than I do. If you live in the US I do believe that diabetes is listed as part of the Americans With Disability Act (ADA). But all that allows is for reasonable accomodation. Just because you ask for don't mean you get it and it don't mean you can take them to court for not giving you a straight shift.

My recommendation is that you discuss this with your boss and just ask. No demanding...just ask. It means you are going to have to tell them that you are diabetic. You may even need to get your doctor involved.

Remember the idea here is reasonable accomodation. Giving you a private place to test and/or inject for instance. And just because you ask doesn't mean they have to give it to you.

If you decide to do this DO NOT OFFER ULTIMATUMS (do this or I will...). Those can back fire on you quicker than anything. Keep it cordial. Just remember if you ask for this others may do it as well and that may cause a ripple that affects everyone where you work. Sparky

Agree with brokenpole above. You know your company better. Obviously there is probably someone else working the shifts while you're off, so that would be a change for them too.
Another suggestion would be to ask for a 3 month trial period. Maybe during that time, your BG would stabilize and allow you to go back to the monthly shift change.