Aspartame to be marketed as a natural product under a different branding?

For any one not aware of the many side effects and the possible long term damage that may occur with this dangerous concoxion please note there is a slick campaign about to be unleashed on many unsuspecting souls that “AminoSweet” has something to do with nature. .

Well, it’s the same nonsense Splenda does… Splenda is NOT made from sugar, it’s completely artificial… It was first discovered by accident, by a grad student who decided to taste the chemical… because he misunderstood what his teacher said… It was designed to be a pesticide. He got lucky he didn’t die, and instead found out the chemical was sweet. :confused: Now they just add some sugar alcohol to it, and tell everyone it’s ‘natural’ and that it’s ‘made from sugar,’ but it’s not…

Aspartame gives me migraines. Horrid ones, too. I’ll have to now watch for that name, too. Because of my experience with that one, I’ve stayed away from all the others.

I tried a sweetener called “Pal Sweet”…it comes in boxes, sachet packets… It’s aspartame. Made me a little nauseus after.