Assaulted by feet

Whenever I put my feet on the husband, he says its like being assaulted. Is this a circulation problem, well obviously it is, but is it due to D. I don't know. My sister has freezing hands.

To me "put my feet on the husband" has the same level of absurdity like "putting food on your family". Could you please elaborate a bit further? I guess your feet are very cold? LOL! This could be circulatory, thyroid related or a form of Raynaud's phenomenon.

It could also be Neuropathy but the best way to know what it is is to get medical attention. As Holger suggested it could be a number of things and having medical evaluation is the best way to find out.

The down-regulation of the circulation to the hands or feet is a normal reaction to preserve energy. To my knowledge the functioning of this regulation is actually a sign of a functioning nervous system. The neuropathy would show by the absence of regulation. Thus you would have the opposite reaction: very warm hands or feet under cold conditions.

I will not elaborate further, yes cold feet. I may try to put food on the family tonight. I didn't know that Hol, the bit about my having a fully functioning nervous system. This is great news. I have asked doctors about this on numerous occassions, but no one seems to be any the wiser.

Have you never put the feet on anyone ?

I've put my feet on people:

Bet you have.

Actually I am the one with the colder feet so I better resist to put them anywhere ;-)

My system usually works the other way around. I'm really warm. Warmer than most and when I touch someone or put the feet on, they usually feel it gets to warm. ummm.. does that mean we would make a good match? ha ha.

I run hot and cold as well. I don't think I have any circulation troubles.

Acid rock, looks like you are getting "the foot" where it hurts in that pic.
I think that is against the rules in most martial arts classes. :)

Why does the in front a person sound so odd.
I might start saying "the wife" and see hat happens to me.

LOL, except his foot is accelerating against gravity and he's moving away from me at the speed of my foot, so his vectors didnt' connect with anything but my thigh. Which is good as I never bothered w/ a cup!

Oh God almighty Timothy, "the wife" might file for divorce. It is said in this country so often I don't even notice it anymoe

Acidrock, or LSD as you should be known, this is all going in the realms of "your comments will need approval before publication". Cups indeed !

The "rules" for chat at least say PG13 and I believe my statements are in compliance with the rules! It's sports equipment!

LSD leaves out the all important rock element, they go together.

I am feet and hands. No one believes how cold they can get. Diabetes? Probably, but I have had it for so long, I cannot make that call.

"Feet on my husband?" Sounds warming to me.

PG13 I hope....

I also have really cold feet, but I have had them for years before I was diagnosed so I don't think they're related to the D. My mom has really cold feet too, worse than mine, so I assume I inherited it from her.

Do you smoke? I hear that could cause poor circulation. My mom smokes.


i bet you if I were to say " the wife " in pretty much any conversation, she would give the "the foot" and she would not hit my thigh. Vector or no vector.

What country do you live Josephine ?

Used to smoke, used to do everything wrong, but then again I have a super human sister who never put a foot wrong and she's even colder than me.
Yes Timmy, the wife will lift the leg higher than you ever thought possible. Living in the lovely Emmerald Isle of Ireland, we are now owned by Germany.

Amphetamine punk how's that then, no that's twice as long. Sport equipment, I nearly choked on my tea here.