At Home A1c Part 2


12.7 pretty horriable. Need Encouragment.

I took these past 2 blog posts off my blog if anyone cares


I’m new so forgive me if I don’t know all of your story. 12.7 – wow, that is kind of high. Do you have any ideas why it’s so high? Are you currently a pumper, and do you test yourself often and correct?

One thing our endo says every quarter is “the a1c is NOT a report card,” – but I know it does seem like that, and it’s really the only way we have of measuring how we are doing in controlling D. As a parent, I do feel like it is my report card.

You say you need encouragement…tell me, what DO you need to do, to get better control?


This is pretty high, my daughter had 13.4 at diagnosis, and she was an inch away from a coma!!!

I’m sure you don’t want long therm complications, and now that you have insurance, I somehow hear that you want to take better care of yourself, and if you want that you can achieve it!

You have to test more and then correct and I’m sure in 3 month your a1c will be way down!

Good luck - YOU CAN DO IT!!!