At Less than 100 mg/dL 2 hours postprandial?

I don’t mean to start a huge debate here, but today… I got argued at by a woman claiming I needed to be at less than 100 mg/dL all the time, including postprandials, or my organs would all rot and and get complications. I mean, I am all for low carbing, but are we being a bit extreme here, and denying that non-D’s can go up to 120? I am sticking to my 140 after 1 hour or less, and 120 or less at 2 hours… I don’t see why I need to set myself down for levels stricter than a non-D. :confused: I somehow doubt some of those people will still be doing such a strict diet in 20 years. This is for the long haul, after all.

Tell her to stick it. Your goals are just fine for a complication-free future. The proof of your control is in your A1c scores. Are they good? I would bet that you could walk with your head held high. You DO NOT want to share a hotel room with this woman – EVER. All I’m sayin’ is that it will all end in tears.

Did you ask what credentials she had to think she was an expert.

Well, she follows a Paleo Diet, and she claims all the websites on the internet, and tons of doctors have told her this… yet when I confronted her with Jenny Ruhl’s Blood Sugar 101 site, she just blew me off saying “Now you are just being a contrarian. Obviously, that tells me you are inflexible with your beliefs and just want to argue. I’m finished here.” lol

I’m at a 5.5%… and she claimed this was good, but not good enough.

Oh Lizmari . . . .you naughty contrarian. I hope you told her to poke her lancet where the sun don’t shine.

Jenny Ruhl goes on about this issue at length on her bloodsugar101 website:
She basically has the point of view that yes, it really needs to be low all the time.
I like to think db is a long term disease before the damaging effects really kick in, so there might be room for a ‘liitle play’ or a little flexibility in your numbers.
However, Jenny discusses it in terms of 'risk; so I think her attitude of ‘lower your sugar then you lower your risk’ might not be a bad one…

Yeah, but lower than 100 postprandial? I dunno lol

sorry liz, you quoted Jenny Ruhl’s Blood Sugar 101 site !
Well done !

So what would be acceptable to this woman? An A1C of 4.7? So it’s ok to be diabetic, as long as your BG is not? of course of it’s good to keep it as low as possible, but there comes a point where doing so could be as or more dangerous in other ways.

My A1C stays between 5.7 and 6.2 which is the best my endos and any other doc have seen in his pratice too low and we would be setting our selfs up for lows so good for you liz!!

I guess… lol I mean, for a D to have less than 100 postprandial, that’s like having zero carbs a day… and maybe walking after everything.

What I find funny is that sounds like this woman really got her panties in a bundle. I mean, I would love it if every diabetic could have great control. But the reality is so far from that. I appreciate people willing to share info and knowledge, but to assume you know better how to treat anyone besides yourself is just crazy. Sounds like this woman needs to get a life of her own.

She must have been on the D police team!! lol

LOL ! Yeah, probably :slight_smile:


I time my exercise around my meals so for after breakfast and dinner, i can usually keep my postprandial below 100. but at lunch, like clockwork i’ll hit 120 (very low carb) to 140 (still low carb, just not as low). but i know i cant do that every day, or for ever. So personally i have to be ok with the 140, 120 rule otherwise i’ll go insane.

I’ll admit it I have had postpranials below 100 before but they are quite odd. There doesn’t seem to be a trend to them but mostly it will be lunch meals which I am rarely hungry for so I eat something small - almost like a small meal or snack more than a full lunch. Usually this is if I eat something like avocado with greens or veggies or something like that. It does almost nothing to my BG. Although I have never tested at one hour, just the two hour mark so I have no idea if my BG if higher at the one hour and even goes up at the 3 hour.

My latest A1C was 4.9 - down from a 9.2. But I take Met and I believe Liz you are on no meds correct? The Metformin really helps me but the low carb diet has alot to do with my numbers too. A two hour spike or 20 to 30 points is my norm and depending where I start - I can sometimes end up below 100 at 2 hours. But I don’t aim for this at all. I know I am good if I below 140. And yes non-ds CAN go up past 140 and I sure Paleo woman has.

Aha, except last night, went out for dinner with friends and I did OK with the food part but I shouldn’t have had those margaritas (the guy said they were fresh and not a mix so I thought there would be no sugar in them) - omg, 257 at 3 hours after I took my frist sip. I am definately not going to be able to have those again (unless I make my own with no sugar!)

You are doing good Liz. Tell Paleo-chick to get a life.

It sounds like this woman has two obsessions. Being the D police AND the Paleo Diet police. I can totally appreciate when people find something that works for them and sharing the experience. I have an issue when they “push” their beliefs on me. Its like a born again vegan who gives you dirty looks for eating a turkey sandwich then telling you milk is murder.

My ENDO wants me below 180 2 hours out even meals that are 0 carbs I will go into the 160’s. My last A1C was 5.5 and the one before that was 5.9. Going low carb has let me drop my Lantus from 85units a night to currently 38units. My next ENOD visit is mid July and I think I will be at or below the 5.5