At what level do you usually wake up low?

So, as I sit here having been woken up by a blood sugar of 2.2 mmol/L (40 mg/dl)—don't worry, I've eaten Skittles—it got me wondering:

At what level do you typically wake up from a low blood sugar?

For me, you're pretty much looking at it.

Except on occasion, I might wake up around 3.0 mmol/L (54 mg/dl) if I haven't had any low in the previous few weeks (which means I'm almost definitely running too high in general).

Otherwise, around 2.0 - 2.2 (35-40 mg/dl) is pretty much it. (I do feel lows at higher levels during the day. Just for some reason, if I'm sleeping, I get this low before I wake up spontaneously.)

What about you?

I don't have a BG level, it's more the time and the escalating bleeping on the CGM.

crap thats low! do you use a bottle full of lantus a night?!! ;)…the lowest i have woken is 3.9mmols and that was this morning and that wasnt due to being low, that was just up time and my fasting reading!
You sound as though this happens quite often, its a bit of a worry!

I've woken up twice in the night with a low during the past year or so. Both times I was in the mid-50's mg/dl (3-ish mmol/L.)

That must be my magic number.

I'm glad you're OK. 2.2 (40) doesn't sound like very much fun to me.

I'll usually get woken up in the low 50s/high 40s.

The lowest I woke up at was 25 when i accidentally took 30 units of humalog instead of lantus!

If I'm lucky I'll wake up from a low around 3.0 mmol/L (sometimes when I'm in the 2s I'll moan and wake myself up, but not usually!) - lower than that I rely on my cat, dog or husband (in that order! LOL!).
I also seem to wake up around 3 am(ish) and will often check 'just in case' but I think that is a habit that formed in the years of bad control when first diagnosed and then reappeared when I was pregnant and testing every 2 hours...
Hope the Skittles brought you back up :)

For me, it's low 50s/high 40s also. For some reason, my number is 54 more often than not when it happens. I usually wake up momentarily several times a night these days anyway but if I wake up and my heart is racing, I know to check. I have a Dexcom because I'm mostly hypo-unaware but I will generally wake up with a racing heart at some point.

I wake up at 3 a.m. often too but for me I think it's tied to something hormonal. I will often wake up with hot flashes, look at the clock, and, yep, 3 a.m. I wish I understood how all that works.

It kind of freaks me out that I need to get so low to wake up. I mean, that doesn't leave a ton of room between waking up and ... not waking up. Overnight lows don't happen too often (and almost always have a cause), but I've just had diabetes for over 20 years so, cumulatively, I've experienced a lot of lows over that time.

As for last night, I exercised and didn't set a -10% temporary basal rate before bed (because I've been running high lately, figured I didn't need it), plus went to bed with a bit of insulin on board. So I was pretty much asking to go low! (Plus I'd had a low the night before last, and once I go low once, the next one doesn't take much effort; it's like my counter-regulatory system is fried for a bit.)

Yikes! That's definitely too low for comfort.

Yeah, the Skittles brought me up ... and so did the granola bar, almond milk, granola (not in a bar!), and bite of muffin I ate after posting this!

Brought me up to 13.2 mmol/L (238 mg/dl), in fact. Ugh!

I don't always wake up, but if I do wake up randomly in the middle of the night (and don't immediately know I'm low), I always check just to get a record of what my BG is doing in the middle of the night.

I usually wake up when I am in the low 60s. That isn't really low, but I can feel that there is something wrong. since going on the pump. I have noticed that I feel my lows less and less, and that scares me. Living alone, I am glad that I wake up.

*waits impatiently for Dexcom in Canada*

I will generally wake up to sweating or just a weird sensation in the lower 50s. But there have been times where the sweating and disorientation didn't wake me up until I was right around 40. I tried the Dexcom but had too many false alarms to make it useful during sleep. What works best for me is 1) eating a small snack before bedtime and making sure I don't go to sleep unless I'm above 120 and 2) waking up 1 or 2 times in the middle of the night to just check my BG. Am I a bit sleep deprived? Probably. But this is the only way I can have peace of mind that I'm within a safe range for sleeping.

Isn't that always the way, Jen! But I'm glad you are okay. I wrote on here a couple weeks ago of waking up totally disoriented at 5AM and I was 34. Pretty scary, especially since I hopped out of bed on a mission to find a box of tissues before I realized how out of it I was. Other than that I think I've awakened in the low 50s, though hard to say if it was the low that woke me up. I tend to be a restless sleeper and if I wake up and don't feel right I always test but I'm usually fine.

Glad you're good now!

I'm still over 200 at lunch time. Ugh!

My blood sugar seems to be either high or low lately. Not much in between. I need to figure that out.

My husband never wakes up if he is low in the middle of the night. I usually test him and then need to treat him with glucagon after I discover he is in the 20's or low 30's. You prompted me to ask the question? do most Diabetics Type 1, wake up when they are low. ?

yeah, i had to eat about 350 carbs just to get it above 60 again!

I don't wake up till well under 60, if then, but one of my dogs will dance on the bed until I'm annoyed enough to wake up, and another lies next to me and whines. Usually only if I'm under 60. The Dexcom has been a blessing, I can actually sleep through the night.