At what point according to my G6 should I take more insulin?

I am using a Tslim x2 and G6 and I am honestly am trying hard to correctly calculate the carbs in my meals but at times I clearly get it wrong so at what point should I draw the line at in cases like that and give myself more insulin to keep my levels good?
For example should I take more if it spikes up to 190 should or should I wait until it hits higher like around 230+?

I make this decision based more on trend - is bg still rising steeply, or is the slope dropping. I may take correction earlier if I also know I would be able to eat if it starts dropping too much/too fast. I would also consider the protein and fat that was in the meal to speculate what trend would be.

Have you read about Sugar Surfing ? There is a website and book that covers techniques to respond to cgm trends.

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Ok thanks for the link.