Attaching Transmitter to Sensor correctly?

I've been having a few problems with inexplicable ??? intervals that come & then go. So I phoned Dexcom Support. The lady told me to check the transmitter to see if it was correctly inserted into the sensor on both sides, so I got a mirror & lo & behold on the bottom edge the Transmitter wing was not under the white bit. Since then I've had no problems so far, but I don't see any way to snap the transmitter into place in situ. This could also explain why Dexcom is a bit off after I shower.

My question, how do you ensure that the transmitter is correctly latched into the sensor, for me as the sensor is horizontal I can't see the bottom side without a mirror.

To attach the sensor in situ you can try a couple of things. Take a lever from a new sensor, attach it to the bottom of your current sensor and snap the transmitter in place.

Another alternative, is to pinch your skin together at the bottom (rear) of the sensor and push the transmitter in place until you hear the second snap.

You could also start over with the sensor in place, by taking the transmitter removal piece and removing the sensor, then attaching the lever from a new sensor onto the old as described above and making sure you get two snaps when you attach the transmitter.

The key evidence I depend on when I place the transmitter into its cradle is hearing both snaps. Then, if i need to confirm, I’ll use a hand mirror to verify.

I’ve taken the transmitter off of its place in order to cure a ??? reading. Then I just use hard force with my fingers to replace the transmitter.

2 snaps is the method I use.

I took your advice about pushing the skin up, pressed down & there was a reassuring click/snap. Hurrah

From what you suggest I assume you mean the lever is reusable & re-attachable to the sensor. I thought it broke off & that was it. I'll look more carefully next time I insert a sensor. Maybe that is another bit I will save.

snap, snap for me also. only issues I have is coming out of showers, sometimes I get the awful ??? I use a blow dryer and works.

My last sensor was acting weird though, had the out of range and was right there with it. was in my pocket. called them as it had only been on for 4 days and they told me this was normal and could be several hours before it came back on. told them this has been happening on and off all day, they said there was nothing they could do unless it had been at least 3h of no signal anything less no matter how much it was doing it was normal. i got of the phone in a temper tantrum. lol. that is ridiculous can't trust your cgm in that way. sigh sorry was kinda off topic. Glad you got it all figured out. Mirror is a good idea.

Good job!

Yes, the lever is reusable if removed carefully.

I gather the secret of successful insertion is 2 clicks. I think I've just heard 1 & then stopped pushing down with the latch. So if you hear 1 click do you just keep pressing down until you hear the 2nd click, do you move the latch a little from side to side? How long can it take?