Australian Diabetes Communities need your HELP!

The Australian Government has suggested that there will be funding cuts to the National Health and Medical Research Council in the next federal budget. The rumoured cuts are causing much concern – not just amongst those whose livelihood depends on medical research but all those whose lives depend on it - US!!!

There are rallies happening all over Australia TODAY in protest.

PLEASE SIGN, SIGN on behalf of your CWD, Email the link to the petition to everyone you think would sign it, share it on your Facebook Walls, Tweet it…we have until the 1 May to get as many signatures as we can.
Australia is already far behind other developed countries - there are people undergoing trials in Canada and Great Britain for the Artificial Pancreas - we are still appealing to our government for funding for a Clinical Trials Network…

We CANNOT afford to fall behind any further. PLEASE, it only takes 2 minutes, and maybe another 5 to leave a comment if you wish.


Thank you so much in advance -
Kate, and
The D Communities Down Under