AutoSoft 30 tubing length

Does anyone know if AutoSoft 30 infusion sites come in more than one tubing length?

Although that is NOT what I use, it appears as if they come in both 23” (60 cm) and 43” (110 cm) tubing lengths. At least that was the set of options on … from whom I nave never purchased anything.

Stay safe.


I use the 23. Because I don’t want my pump to hit the ground if I drop it. I always end up winding the extra tubing up anyway on the long versions.

There is a shorter one too that comes with the inserter, I don’t know the length but tried it once. 17 maybe.
It was too short to move it from left to right pockets so that’s why I landed on the 23.

Thanks John! I tried to google it before posting and couldn’t find anything (whoops!) so I really appreciate you finding this :slight_smile:

I use the XC, which comes with 23, 32 or 43. But 32 only for 6 mm.

I like the 32 in, but wish it would come with the 9mm. So thinking I may try 9 mm (23 in) every other order.

Tried to get last order split with 6mm/9mm, but my supplier said had to be 3 of same product (90 day supply).

Who is your supplier? They may limit which ones they stock. Best to contact them to confirm.

I use 23" length with my Autosoft 30’s, I would like to use the 32" length but Tandem doesn sell a 32" with Autosoft 30. They do have 43" but, like Tim said, if you drop your pump it will hit the floor.

I love the longer length - easier when I’m getting dressed in the morning (can set it on the counter), going to the bathroom is easier since I don’t need to straighten it out all the way, sleeping is easier (since I don’t clip my pump to anything when I sleep), etc. People above mentioned that longer tubing means it can hit the floor if you drop it, but if it’s in a case this is truly no big deal.

Well you are not a man so perhaps it’s different, but I dropped my old pump in the toilet one night.
With my 23 length it stops short of the water.
And yes I’ve dropped it a few times since.
I sleep naked I got no where to clip it that wouldn’t hurt real bad.
But it is sort of a 2 handed job esp in the dark so yea.
Short tube works best for me.

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