Aviva and Diasend

I have an Aviva meter I use as a back up. I have an Animas Ping pump and meter. I do not have the Accu chek brand cable to send info via Diasend to my educator. I tried without success to use the Pings IR cable with the Aviva. Is there a way to send info without buying yet another cable? Maybe I did it wrong? I tried googling for instructions and wasn't able to find any. Anybody have any tips, or am I stuck buying a new cable? Thanks in advance!

Have you tried calling accuchek and ask them to send you one, tell them your issue. I’ve heard they will do so.

Hope this helps

I finally figured it out! I found a PDF made by Diasend online. You have to push both arrow buttons at the same time until 2 arrows appear-the first few times I tried I kept getting an error message, then I tried again and it worked. Put it in front of the IR cable that came with my Ping and finally got it to send!