Awesome streak, ruined by stress?

I’ve been doing somewhat amazing this past week. I don’t even entirely know why. My period ended a few days ago, and even though I didn’t change a single thing in my routine it seems like the insulin is actually working all of a sudden. I was starting to think I was just sticking needles in my tummy for the heck of it! People told me it takes a while for a new insulin regime to actually ‘kick in’ but I never took that advice literally. Maybe I should have. I’ve had a bit of problems with morning lows, around 70-79, which isn’t tragically low but waking up all shaky and dizzy is never fun. I don’t mind. I’ve read horror stories on here about people whose glucose is in the low 20’s and they don’t feel a thing. So shakiness at 70? I can deal with that. I’ve just been making my breakfast as usual and that brings me up to a normal range, so long as I don’t abuse the bread in a panic like I did the first time (went from 70 to 260 in an hour… that wasn’t a fun day). I’m thinking I need to adjust when I exercise, because I have a theory that my exercising in the morning creates this weird delayed reaction that results in a low the next morning. No big deal. I can handle this.

What I can’t handle is when random, seemingly unrelated, outside factors ruin all that good progress. At the moment I am not in school and I do not have a job. This cannot be helped. I’m waiting until I get used to my new school schedule before I even dare start the job hunt (it doesn’t help that I am at home, and my school is in an entirely different state), and it’s not like I can start school early just to make my family think I’m not useless. Life doesn’t work that way. I had planned to spend a quiet day at home. Watch a movie here, exercise there, get some laundry done. It was supposed to be relaxing. My step-dad says, “Oh I thought you were doing something important” and proceeds to start fumigating the house while I am still downstairs. Because of this I am now stick in my overheated, stuffy room all day because he can’t handle a few imaginary bugs. It’s summer. We live in the (very thick and tick infested) woods. If there aren’t bugs the world is probably coming to an end and you should be concerned. There’s a difference between a full out infestation and a single fly that managed to sneak into the house. I swear. He makes up these grandiose stories about how he was attacked by giant poisonous mosquitoes, and how it’s everyone’s fault but his because in his mind he always (read: NEVER) cleans. I was doing my laundry at the time, and he told me that my clean clothes were garbage and the cause of this infestation. Really now? Fine then. Be psychotic.

Before I got yelled at for the bugs as though it were my fault and banished to my room, my sugar was 179. Not as low as I would have liked since I over treated (on purpose really… I treated myself to some greek yogurt and peaches), but I can handle that. Now it is 281. >=o Are you kidding me? It’s been way too long since I’ve eaten for breakfast to be the cause. I can only attribute this random spike to the pure rage that has filled me. Oh and my busted air conditioner. That probably also had something to do with it.

Won’t it be nice to go back to school?
At least you have a good reason for your blood sugar to he high :slight_smile: It is when they are randomly like that for no good reason at all that is really frustrating for me. Hang in there for just a bit more…

Oh dear. Time to get yourself out of the house and stay out - even if it means that you have to sit in the park or the local library for most of the day. Getting out and about, even if to walk along a trail or something is good for you, both mentally and physically.

I do not know when your new school starts but perhaps some forward planning - getting your equipment ready etc might help take your mind off things - and you will be super organised and not have the stress of having to get all ready at the last minute.

There is no reason why you could not get a small job to keep you ticking over - not just financially - until you know for certain what you will be doing. People often take a job and then leave it when they need to. At least it will show on your CV that you have the capacity to work and get out and do some work.

Failing a job, how about volunteering in a charity shop, or something else that might take your interest? Again, volunteering is valuable on your CV, gets you out of the house and away from your stepfather, and you will meet new people, make new friends. I am full time unemployed because of serious health problems, but I can go for a few hours before I am crippled and tired, but it is good to get out, I contribute to society, and there is a reason to get up in the morning.

Your step father certainly sounds as though he has some mental problems and I do think you would be safer out of it! Even if for a few days a week.

Your high spikes could be from stress or dehydration since you do not have any air conditioning. You need to keep drinking and drinking, not just to hydrate but to keep your sugars down. The yoghurt and peaches should not put your sugar levels that high - unless heavily sugared. Keep testing, keep drinking … perhaps a little less of the slow acting insulin at night to prevent the morning lows, and keep getting out!