Azurite Technologies and non-invasive CGM research

TuD will host a live interview in a few hours with representatives of SF Bay Area Azurite Technologies. Azurite seeks to bring to market a non-invasive CGM with:

  • No lags
  • Greater accuracy
  • Increased sensor life
  • Better ease of use
  • Decreased cost and replaceable parts

I did a little reading about the entrepreneurial process used to refine this concept. Key company people went through the National Science Foundation Innovation Corps program at UC Berkeley in 2013 and won recognition for their performance. In the reading I did, I discovered that this program places a large emphasis on interviewing potential customers of any product or service under consideration.

This high degree of regard for the customer makes sense to me but I've heard this before. We've all been disappointed by D-tech that talks about customer focus but then obviously drops the ball as they proceed through the regulatory trial-by-fire.

I will be very interested to see if this start-up is on to something not only new but also more effective, faster to market, and more useful to the typical diabetic.