B12 day!

I did it! Took my injection. Took me less than 2 minutes, no hesitation or anything! Hurt even less than when the nurse gave me B12 the other day. I didn’t feel much then, I didn’t feel anything today :smiley: This will be a piece of cake!

You know you don’t have a problem with needles when you can poke yourself with a 2 inch long 22G needle without thinking first LOL
I knew I could do it, but never had I expected it to be that easy :slight_smile:

Smiling here for you…good work! Ive always had problems with needles =( Poking myself for bg test is the most I can do. I wish I have you courage. Happy for you. You go girl!

I always say it doesn’t hurt more than you want it to do. I tell myself it doesn’t hurt, and I end up not feeling it at all :slight_smile: But now when I’ve tried to inject myself and can compare that with having someone else doing it. It feels even less doing it yourself! But I had to take my shot today when my husband had gone outside. He would have fainted if he had seen me. He can’t stand needles and feel faintish at the sight of blood LOL

Oh my…my husband is a big baby too when it comes to needles… I think its a phobia. If Im bad at it…he is worst LOL He faints on his own blood tests!

That sounds so like my husband! He once fainted from a fingerprick! It was when he was little but anyways, he still goes pale over those things LOL