B12 deficiency *sp?*

Nearly 2 weeks ago now I finally went to see a doctor. Tests were taken obviously. A couple of days later I got a diagnose: I have too little B12! At first my doctor prescribed B12 pills, but since I already have a high intake of B12 through my diet I said to the doctor that I don’t think taking pills might do the trick, if nothing else, it would take weeks for the pills to give a noticeable effect if working at all. Doctor agreed and asked if I’d rather take B12 shots and I said that’s no problem since I have no problems with needles. He asked if I could do it myself too and I said that’s no problem, I’ve done it before but not on myself just. But 3 years in a farming school does give you some practice in intra muscular injections, just bigger tools and bigger muscles LOL But when I went to the pharmacy to pick up the B12, I scared the staff quite a bit when I said I had an agreement with the doctor to take it myself (doctor had forgotten to prescribe needles and syringes LOL). On friday I had an appointment with a nurse who gave me the first dose of B12, and she too got a bit scared when I said the doctor had agreed I could do it myself. Said and done, I had to see the doctor again, which was arranged quickly after a short wait in the waiting room. And the doctor thinks just like me: It’s just as natural to take B12 shots as home as it is to take any other shots at home, be it insulin, blood thinner or migraine medication. A couple of minutes later I had the supplies needed minus alcohol swabs and sharps bin but I can get those at work, and until I go to work again I’ll just recap the needles and use regular hand alcohol for decinfection :slight_smile:
Tomorrow is B12 day (I’m on 2 shots per week the first 5 weeks), and I’m on my own, with a 2 inch long needle which is 22G. The joys LOL
Sometime has to be the first. But I’m not even nervous about it :slight_smile:

Jennie, I can’t wait to hear if this is going to help you. I know you have been trying to figure things out medically. I’m still a needle-phobe - you’d think I’d get over it by now.

It’s hard to tell now if it has made a difference or not. I had my first B12 shot on friday. But hopefully it will help and fast. The doctor think it will :slight_smile:
I’ve never really been a needle-phobe :slight_smile: But I do need to see what’s going on so I never look away when having a bloodtest taken or having a shot LOL