Baby steps

Yesterday was really not a great day for me. Not that today was much more stellar, but a least the folks from Sales were nicer to me today!

So i remembered to test this AM, before I ate lunch, and I bolused or that too, 10 min late… That was about it. I was stressed to get stuff done at the end of the day (here come the excuses, move over reality) so I ate some candy, just 3-4 mini rolls and some yogurt at 5, but a least I remembered to bolts… 20min later!

Baby steps, right? Baby steps.

Felidia, just keep it up Felidia. But most of all don't start of thinking of the failures. We all have them.

Keep writing here too. I don't know if you read my blog posts but believe me it does help to write. Vent if you need to. Sing when you want to. But just stick with it girl.

You can so do this!!!

Take your time and you will get there. Slowly does it.

the way I see it, we all have to fail at something in order to know just what success it and how success feels. Also, we have to know that success is defined by everyone differently. Personally, I think that the fact that you bolosed for your meal and you checked (instead of guessing) is success. Many people have difficulties doing just those things :) Baby steps are just fine. Who said you have to be a 'toddler' someday anyways. Move at your own pace with your own successes! :)

Give yourself a big high five when you remember to do these things. And don’t be discouraged when you forget. It takes TIME to turn something into a habit, keep persevering.