Baby Time

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C’mon out baby girl, it’s time to meet the world. The wifey is “loving” life right now walking around the house in labor. We’ll be leaving for hospital in…

4/26 is a good sounding birthday, right? This makes selling the car over the weekend and purchasing that minivan yesterday so much more convenient! Too bad I didn’t get all the loan documentation done yesterday. I used a bank…


Congrats, SuFu! Hope all goes well for your family!

Congrats. My suggestion is don’t bother your wife with loan papers and don’t watch sports during labor. And if she yells “YOU DID THIS TO ME!” Just say, “I know. It won’t happen again. Here have some more epidural.”

My goodness, how exciting. Signing the loan documents during contractions could work – but be careful that in the excitement you don’t put “Mini-Van SuFu” on the birth certificate documents.

This is the 2nd one. There isn’t a whole lot that she could say or do that would surprise me during this labor.