Baby Using An Insulin Pump

One of my online friends has a 12 week old baby using an insulin pump. The baby was diagnosed at 7 weeks of age.">

Wow! 7 weeks? Does the baby have a MODY form or some other variation of T1? I've never heard of a baby being diagnosed so young! I think the youngest diagnosis I have ever heard of is Phil Southerland who was diagnosed around the age of 9 months or so.

There are many infants diagnosed with T1. I am a member of several parent's groups on Facebook, and they talk about infants with T1 rather frequently.

I've heard of this when the mother has islet antibodies and passes them on to her child.
Not everyone that has positive antibodies will develop T-1 .

Either that or the child had been exposed to a virus right at birth. Newborns have a very complex and constantly changing immune system. The are transitioning from their mothers immune system to their own, Breast milk is also altering the baby's immune system.

It may be impossible to know where it happened or how. It hardly matters, It is likely that baby would have developed it at some point.

It has to be rough at such an early age tho !!

I'm sure very rought on the parents, however you have to wonder for the baby at such a young young age, I mean this child will not know different than how it grows up learning to eat. I think in some regards, that would make it easier than having a child diagnosed at an older age. I really feel for the parents though, and how difficult it must be to dose a child so young.

Oh man my heart goes out to the parents. My son was diagnosed when he was barely 4 yo, and I remember the ordeal we went through then, and still continue to go through, he is 41 now. Sigh...

What a cutie!!!

I added this comment on someone 's FB page :" I met a baby of approx same age back in 2006 ( ??) ; pumping with a MM ; eventually pumping was discontinued ...same reason as described by others , when clicking on babe's photo ( monogenic neonatal diabetes ) ...and I am unable to provide updated story .
Richard,do you have added experience from the FB Parents Groups ??

My heart is on the floor.

No Nel, this a friend but I don't know her well. She does not post in the group very often. She may not have much time for being on the computer. If I knew her better I would send her a private message and ask for more details.

Weeping for a baby diagnosed at 7 weeks & his parents.