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Well we made it. It finally happened. We have our grandson with us in Mississippi.

Gonna take me another day or so just to get all his stuff unpacked nad put away. But it was so nice sleeping in my recliner last night.

Here is a pic of all of us. This little guy traveled better than my own kids ever did.

Oh Sparky I am so pleased for you and Sharon. You all look great in the pic. The smiles say it all.
I know you guys worked very hard to make this happen, and when people are rewarded for their efforts my spirit soars!!!!
Much love and best wishes.


you all look great! what's in his hand?

Good times ahead for your little family. Congratulations!

Oh my goodness, what a cutie! Glad the trip was safe and uneventful. Adventures ahead...!

congrats!!!! i think its a wonderful blessing. all the best, happiness,joy and good health. tk nothing for granted.