Back in the Dexcom Saddle

I had an ugly low in the middle of the night a few nights ago, so as of last night I've reintegrated the Dexcom into my routine for a few days. When I first became a Dexcom Warrior, I wore the sensor on my abdomen. Last night, I used my upper thigh for the sensor. Currently, I have my pump infusion set on the right leg and my Dexcom sensor on the left.

I'm like a diabetic pack mule. ;)

I'll be writing more about the Dexcom on my blog, but today's SUM post has some of the fun stuff from the AADE conference. There was so much going on that conference that it would fill a silo faster than Homer's pig. (Maybe not the best comparison, but did anyone see the Simpsons Movie? We saw it a few weekends ago and I can't stop humming "Spider Pig.")

Over and out.

Spider pig ... spider pig ... doing things that a spider pig does.

Kerri - i dont know if this can help your night time lows - especially since everyone is so different, but i got this advice and it helped me.

First, i completely cut out the bedtime snack - (not necessarily doctor approved - but it works for me)found that there was too much tendancy for me to over or under bolus - i spent weeks adjusting my basal rates (i still have a slow steady fall thru the night that i need to overcome but no major fast drops - and Dex does wake me)

Second, and sadly, i have a 2 alcohol drink maximum—oh so sad—but if i drink 3 drinks it is hell to pay. for me, 5-7 hours after my first drink, the alcohol stops my liver from releasing glucose–so i end up low—every single time-- for awhile i would counter this with getting up to 250 or so prior to hittng the sack—but then even that was not high enough in some cases and i woudl bottom out, eat a box of the Capt n Crunch and 3 hours later be 500—oooh so healthy. Which is why i sadly imposed my 2 drink max.

Good to see your back in action!

Wow, there really must have been a lot going on, because that silo was pretty scary and did some real damage! I am now humming the song again…Thanx. LOL I also liked the pig as Harry Popper.

Mollie - Generally speaking, my overnights are excellent. I can go to bed at 98 and wake up at 101 mg/dl. Occasionally, I hit a fluke, but they are never flukes at 65 mg/dl - I end up in the treches of a 30 or 40. Good tips, though. I’ll use them next time I’m in a nighttime tailspin! :slight_smile:

Chloe - Spider Pig, Spider Pig … hee hee.

Per usual, K, I can relate to those nighttime lows… Never a little low - always a BIG swoop… :frowning:

Anyway, glad you’re wearing the Dexcom for a couple of days - hopefully you’ll get some good data to make any changes you need to!

Hope all is well… Been reading about your trip - love the pancreas photo…

ox, N