Back On The Wagon

This community has been a blessing to me over the past month. Since being diagnosed T1 in 1993, its the first that I have participated within. I am in the process of reaffirming my commitment to managing the disease. Since late November, I’ve recently found my way back to seeing an endo, taken control of my multiple daily glucose readings, have taken some refresher education classes, have began logging my numbers, and – with honest excitement – am anticipating the delivery of my first insulin pump on 2/6/2008. A marked improvement contrasted to the way I’ve been piloting the ship over the past few years.

Since my April 1, 1993 diagnosis, I have been all over the place in terms of managing this thing that never goes away. I have always equated being diabetic to alcoholism. It’s a disease you never asked for, it needs to be managed every day of your life, affects your loved ones, can put you in the hospital (or worse), can impair your driving, and you are either working toward a lower A1C number, or slipping toward a higher one.

I am glad to be “back on the wagon,” and have enjoyed the community. Thanks!

I know exactly what you’re talking about Shawn!

I’m a T2 diagnosed approx. 11 years ago. Did nothing about it, thought nothing about it until recently when i realized how serious it can be.

I won’t say I’m trying to get back on the wagon because i was never really on it but I’m definitely going to hop on it now that’s for sure.

I wish you all the very best and success in the management of your diabetes!

Take care,