Back to MDI

With some sorrow I have to say that I’m back to shots. For some weird reason the POD just stopped working for me. It all started really well, but about 6 months after I started, it just stopped working. No matter how much I bolused, the sugars rose like crazy, I tried changing places, changing the vials, it just didn’t work. Oddly enough, when that happened I took shots and then the sugars went back to normal.

My guess is that it is an absorption issue, but I put the POD everywhere and still didn’t work.

Anyway, I’m back to Lantus and Apidra and feel MUCH better now. I might give it a try again later.

All the best to everyone,



Sorry to hear about the pod issues Santiago :-/

I am glad that you made the choice to do what’s best for controlling your glucose though (and that you feel much better!)!!

Sometimes old school is the best school

hmm… were you in a honeymoon period before? Not sure… maybe the cannula lenght? Not sure what could have happened… glad all is better now though… maybe try again later will work… or maybe a different pump?

Thanks everyone … yes I might try again … I’m cool with my shots for now :wink:

Wishing you well, Santiago. Hoping your new routine brings desired results.

I’m having the same kind of issues…I’ve been on the pod since July 2009 and I am not getting the results that I wanted.I feel like regular insulin just does not work for me…I am going to a new doctor tomorrow morning [he is also a type 1 diabetic],so I can’t wait to get his take on this situation.I feel like I need a vacation from the pump…sorry for ranting…Best Wishes,Patti

Thanks for writing, please let me know what your Dr says :slight_smile:

I went back to Lantus and Novolog about 3 months ago because I started to get horrible rashes wherever I put them. My numbers were fluctuating and I was pretty miserable. Since I went back to MDI everything has stabilized and I feel much better (last A1C 6.2). I was bummed to go back to MDI, but it was a good decision for me. Best of luck!