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Trying to make sure I understand - you are taking Lantus for your basal instead of using the pump basal and it is working better?

That would not surprise me at all.

It’s not so much the Lantus… I’ve been taking it for three days and the first two were horrible (100% out of range days). It’s that I’m taking less than half the Lantus I was yesterday and that is working. Would my pump be the same if I cut its basal to 20 units instead of 44? I have no idea.

As of now I’m running higher, but it’s after eating oatmeal, so not a great spike considering.

So your point is that the Lantus is working differently now than the first 2 days?

If it is the same vial of Lantus, and you are using the same method of injecting it, and you are bolusing for foods the same way, and eating the same way, and exercising the same way, and all the other things are the same…than that would certainly be just your body’s normal variation from day-to-day.

Are you just looking at Dexcom, or also doing BG tests?