Back to school (soon)

it’s my summer holidays now. oh i forgot, i live in singapore and i get summer 24/7, 365 days a year. but anyway just so you know, we like calling our may-june-july break from school our summer holidays.

so come august 6th, it’s back to uni for me, for another semester of tutorials, lectures (in which i prefer to sleep or surf the web), and crazy crazy projects and assignments.

it’s going to be my first time going to uni as a diabetic and i’m already thinking up plans for what to do should this or that happens. it is always a good thing to be prepared!

well it certainly does NOT help that my bag is always stuffed to the brim. now i’m going to have to cart so many extra things to school when i need to go. i’m really really glad that i’ve only got three days of classes a week, thanks to my superb timetabling skills! -beams-

in addition to my laptop, laptop wires, mobile phone, wallet, pencil case, organizer, notebook (the paper kind, not the computer kind), cardigan (for freezer-like lecture theatres), umbrella (i can’t drive and i rely on public transport) and water tumbler, i’ve got to find room for my sugar testing kit, snackies and sugary substances. good thing i’m not on a bolus routine for some reason and so an insulin pen is not necessary unless i have to stay back at night to rush projects.

it’s gonna be a crazy, crazy thing for me to adjust to! i could use a bit of help…and so i shall ask for it :slight_smile:
if you’re a uni (or college as you may call it) student, or have gone through it, share your experiences with me. who knows what i could learn from you guys?

Carry around glucose tabs. They do the same thing as juice boxes or snack foods, but you can fit like 10 of them in a tenny tiny tube. I keep a big bottle at home and have a little tube I carry with me everywhere. Also, another tip: After the first lecture of each class, see if you can corner the professor afterard and explain your situation to him/her. Chances are they won’t walk in next class and think, “Oh, there’s Daena the diabetic,” but if they see you eating in the middle of class or something they’ll remember what you told them, and that you’re not just nursing the munchies.